Monday, April 16, 2007

Growing up

When I was a child I was painfully painfully shy. I wouldn't even answer the phone (heh, until I became a teenager!!) and would hardly say boo when people came to visit mum and dad.
In some circumstances now, not much has changed - I hate going to large social functions where I don't know many people, I try to avoid going to external seminars for work if I don't know anyone else going, that sort of thing. But overall, I'm much better and I keep getting better at it as I grow up (growing up, for me, is a constant state - I'm not entirely sure I'll ever be fully grown up!).

And I'm glad I'm getting better at it. Shyness is a terrible affliction (I know, not the worst by a long shot) and very misunderstood - shy people are often taken to be snobby, when in fact they are just too afraid to say hello - of course, what they are afraid of is another question entirely!! I'm most particularly glad because I got over my shyness on the weekend and travelled down to Wollongong to the Wollongong Stitch'n'Bitch exhibition. And I met Donni, and Ailsa, and Donna, and other knitbloggers and non-bloggers and it was great - I only felt slightly nervous twice, once briefly while having lunch and then when I got there, for a minute. And there was lots of fab-o knitting, and some weird almost horizontal rain, and to top it all off, I came home with a swift, courtesy of Donni, the great enabler.

So when you put these two things together (Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock in black purl):
and combine with ball-winder (too dark to get a good photo of the actual winding process!) you get this:
And that means one thing - my lone jaywalker will soon have a mate! Just like me (when I can overcome my shyness) (oh, and finish at least one of my current projects!)


Donna said...

It was so great to meet you! :) I wish I'd gotten to talk to you more, but I kept getting distracted - I'm sorry!

Bells said...

oh meet ups with online friends is both scary and wonderful. Sounds like you came out the other side all in one piece. Well done!

they'd be a great bunch of girls to hang with.

Shazmina Bendi said...

OMG I have drooled (ala Homer Simpson) over the black purl..........ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Black purl. And very jealous of the swift action, got to get me some enabling!!

Ailsa said...

Well I was delighted to have met you too RR - I was so busy and I really wanted to talk to you more too - we'll have to do it again soon, on your turf so it will be our turn to be nervous.

I envy quiet people, their behaviour is so dignified, whereas I feel like a screeching bull in a china shop.

Growing up I guess is accepting who you are and doing the same for others, non?

amy said...

My mom used to be called stuck up, when she was younger, but she was just shy. My dad did a lot to bring her out of her shell. He would be the exact opposite of shy, very gregarious, but my mom is his best friend by far. And I'm a mix, very friendly, not shy, but it takes me a bit to warm up to people.

You've given a good reminder not to judge people or assume what they're thinking!

teabird said...

Belle, I've met with penfriends, and I have never been surprised or disappointed. When people are honest, they're honest - How I wish I could hang out with some of the women I only know virtually - but that feeling doesn't change my gratitude for the Internet and its power to connect people.

Jejune said...

So glad you were able to overcome your anxieties and go to the SnB :) My son is very shy, and has trouble in crowds, so I can understand many of the problems.

Love the Lorna's Laces, and that very funky Skein Holder thingy!

Irene said...

Me too!
So glad you did it though, I understand how much that takes.

Queen Frogger said...

Shyness does seem to go with age or you just learn to accept that is how you are! Mine is going but I am also very good at avoiding certain social functions that I really don't want to go to!!!

Donyale said...

Sadly - for me - I could talk will never be thought of as shy.

You didn't mention that when you walked in, our eyes made contact, and then later you came back to check it was me (I had whispered to Ailsa that I thought it was you)...too funny.

It was lovely to meet you - spend some time admiring your shoes - and enable your hubby with some free time less "Swift-duty".