Friday, April 13, 2007

The Friday Night Knitting Club Fun Fest

I know others have already reviewed this so I thought I'd take a different approach and have a bit of fun - because it is going to be a movie. According to this site, the only actor cast yet is Julia Roberts, so, well, I thought I'd give them a hand.
(warning - slight character spoilers below; oh, and here and there I've taken some "artistic" liberties with age or ethnicity of characters, so I hope you don't mind)
Georgia Walker - knitwear designer and owner of Walker and Daughter, yarn shop
Who they should get: Julia Roberts
Who they'll settle for: Julia Roberts
Who they'll probably get: Julia Roberts (well, that's been decided already - it helps that's she's the producer too!)

Dakota Walker - Georgia's early teen daughter
Who they should get: Does Will Smith have a 13 year old daughter?
Who they'll settle for: I'm pretty stumped on this one
Who they'll probably get: Let me know what you think?

James - Dakota's father
Who they should get: Denzel Washington
Who they'll settle for: Will Smith
Who they'll probably get: Gary Dourdan

Anita - Georgia's wealthy mentor and confidante

Who they should get: Diane Keaton
Who they'll settle for: Meryl Streep
Who they'll probably get: Bette Midler (or Sally Field)

Marty - owns the deli downstairs from the shop
Who they should get: Jack Nicholson (because wouldn't we all love to see him and Diane Keaton together again!!)
Who they'll settle for: Martin Sheen
Who they'll probably get: Marty from The Biggest Loser

Cat - NY socialite
Who they should get: Cate Blanchett
Who they'll settle for: Reese Witherspoon (not that that would be settling, but hey, I'm Australian, I had to go with Cate as the first choice!!)
Who they'll probably get: Paris Hilton

Darwin - grad student who can't knit but joins the FNKC anyway
Who they should get: Sandra Oh
Who they'll settle for: Lucy Liu
Who they'll probably get: Bai Ling

KC - an out of work editor looking for inspiration (yep, straight from the book's website)
Who they should get: Rosie O'Donnell
Who they'll settle for: Rosie O'Donnell
Who they'll probably get: Rosie O'Donnell

Lucie - tv producer
Who they should get: Nicole Kidman
Who they'll settle for: Toni Collette
Who they'll probably get: Rachel Griffiths

Peri - works in the shop
Who they should get: Jennifer Hudson
Who they'll settle for: Beyonce
Who they'll probably get: Lil' Kim

Heee, that was a bit of silly Friday fun! I'd love to hear your ideas! (and if you want to know what I thought of the book - it's not great literature by any means, but is a fairly agreeable way to pass the time, eg on a plane if you aren't allowed to knit). I hear there is a copy doing the rounds of some Australian knitters, maybe it will pass your way some time...


Bells said...

oh bravo! Love it and I haven't read the book yet (slow, I know).

OK, comments (remembering I haven't read the book but I'm feeling there aren't a lot of surprises in it)

Paris Hilton??? I would weep.

The teenage daughter obviously should be played by Dakota Fanning. And not just because of the name. She's the teenage actress of the moment, isn't she? But Will Smith's daughter, if he has one, is a good choice. She has to be African American, does she?

Yes for Diane Keaton. Obvious, really. If Bette Midler, see my comments on Paris Hilton.

Marty from the Biggest Loser *snort*

Cate or Reese would be excellent. I'd say it'd be Reese though.

Ok, I will get the book this weekend I think so I can have my own thoughts on the rest of it!

Anonymous said...

NO Bells - don't buy it - I will send it to you.....

Anonymous said...

Spot on Jane!

Linda said...

I will have to read that some time!

Bells said...

i was thinking, shouldn't Gwyneth be in it somehow, or can't you have Julia and Gwyneth in the same movie? Not that I like Gwyneth...

amanda j said...

I was going to suggest Dakota Fanning as well. Strangely I can't think of another teenage actress - apart from Buffy's little sister, but she would be too old now.

I haven't read the book either, it's on order at the library.

knitabulous said...

That's funny. I think we should re-do it with the Australian knit bloggers as the cast though.

I haven't read it either ...

Hey! It was fab meeting you yesterday, I'm sorry I was so busy I'd have chatted more if I had time.

Really appreciated your effort in coming down, now that the seal's broken will you come down again??

Corrie said...

oh that is funny and made me laugh since my little one is driving me crazy right now!!!!!!!!1 I nearly bought the book but have read mostly so so reviews!


Anonymous said...

Saw this book on Saturday and was going to buy it for you. Hesitated because I thought you "just might" have it already. Just as well! If only I had hesitated with a few other purchases I made for myself at Birkenhead yesterday!

May I borrow it from you? Not being an accomplished (read: feeble)knitter not sure if is going to be my thing or not. An as per Birkenhead reference I have to stop spending for a bit.

Have you got/read the latest Stephanie Plum?

Stephanie said...

HILARIOUS! Thanks for the giggles!!

Hector said...

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