Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I've become a joiner

One of the many lovely things about this blogging business is that even shy introverts can be joiners really easily - yay!

So in the last week, I've become a joiner:
This should be fun - I hope I get a knitter about the same level as me - I'd hate to have a sock queen to knit for (well, I wouldn't hate it, but I'd be a little scared), but am looking forward to choosing a pattern and yarn (ooh, yarn, I can buy some yarn!)
This should be satisfying - thanks Donni for the link! And you already know about this one. Yay for the internet community!


Bells said...

nice to see you joining stuff Jane. Looking forward to seeing what all these groups inspire you to produce!

Nora said...

The sock one should be fun. I've always wanted to join that one. (Hope you get a good pal.) :)

librarylass said...

Congrats on becoming a joiner. Nothing like knitting with a purpose!!!

Coincidentally, there is a book, whose title reminded me of your blog. 'Red Spikes' by Margo Lanagan. I don't think its about shoes though.

littlejennywren said...

Thanks for the links to the charity knitting sites. I'll go and join up.