Wednesday, July 19, 2006

J's crochet top

J's Crochet Top
Cotton: Lana Grosso Jaipur - 50g 8ply 100% cotton - a beautiful yarn to crochet with, although does tend to be a bit splitty. Great sheen and rich colours. I think I used around 5 balls altogether.
Hook: 4mm
Finished: January 2006 - for J's birthday. Took about two weeks (crochet is soooo fast compared to knitting!)
Pattern: Custom made based on the "swimsuit issue bikini" top from Candi Jenson's Hooked on Crochet (lots of modern crochet patterns, including a great skirt which I would make for myself if I had a much smaller rear end). Have now made 3 versions of this crochet top - one which is backless, the other the same as J's top but in lime green with purple trim (colours chosen by recipient, N - actually look quite good together!)

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