Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Tech isSSsues

I can't work out how to post photos (I think there's something wrong with my explorer version...) so will be relatively boring without photos until I fix it...

Am making double choc chip biscuits - had to chop up the white choc as the corner store didn't have white choc chips. Would be lost without the corner store - it has saved my baking many times. It is something I really love about where we live. Wish it was a bottle shop as well. That was one of the great things about London, you could buy snacks and champagne whenever you felt like it!

Haven't done much knitting yet today, only a bit while watching an episode of Buffy after I finished lunch. The guys are back finishing off the deck now so is too noisy to watch any more tv. Shame. But the deck looks great, it will be fantastic to sit out there in the sun.

Better get the biscuits out of the oven - don't want to burn them...

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