Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Have only 6 rows to go of this bl**dy beautiful twisted stitch cable pattern band and then I'm on the home straight with these socks (normally, I'd only feel on the home straight once I've turned the heel and done the gussets, but with this one, the band is where all the effort is!!).

Here's the back:
And the front:
And for a change, with my photography, the colours are quite true to life - a bit more pinky purple in this yarn than I expected, but I'm quite happy with the way it is knitting up. And yes, if you think that the sock looks fairly blocky, that's because I got these (there are actually two of them, clearly!). Yippee!

You can't quite see it in this photo (it was getting a bit late to be taking pics yesterday, by the time I got around to it over the loooong weekend (too.busy.knitting!) but the cat has teeny tiny whiskers!


Bells said...

Looking great!! The hard work is paying off.

Where did you get the blockers?

amy said...

hee! when I clicked on the pic and it enlarged, I saw the whiskers. :) Absolutely adorable blockers! And very nice socks, too. I'm sure they'll be well worth all the effort.

Amy said...

Those are awesome! I can just barely make out the whiskers without enlarging, though I'd have never noticed them if you hadn't pointed them out!

Nora said...

This sock is divine - trust me, I've seen it in person.

Jejune said...

Very impressed with top of that sock - it looks very complicated!