Thursday, June 21, 2007


Even though I always read the last page(s) of a book before I've actually reached the end, and I often read ahead on the internet for my favourite (overseas) tv shows, I do still love a nice surprise.

Just like the one I got when I collected the mail last night - my long awaited (and almost given up for lost) Knitterly Letter Swap package and letter from Michele! Woo hoo!
I was so excited I wrote straight back - so Michele, hope my letter gets there soon!!

(And looky what's underneath the great letter, card and chocolate - yes! A zip lock bag! Because you can never have too many zip lock bags!)


J said...

I am a very lucky girl to have RoseRed as a friend she is a most excellent shopping companion...we hit the great Singapore Sale together and I don't think I've ever spent as much money in one go ever! (and I probably wouldn't have without RR urging me into shopping fever feeding frenzy!) and I DO love my hat!!!

michele said...

ohmygod, i can't believe the package finally! got to you. that's amazing.

to set the record straight i did not gift you a zip lock bag! i put the chocolate in the zip lock bag thinking well maybe it's hot in australia and i didn't want the chocolate to melt all over the letter. :)

Nora said...

Ooooh, lovely. I'm waiting for a letter from Michele too! :)

Bells said...

so glad it finally arrived. What a relief! I want to be in a letter swap. What a fabulous idea!

Very kind of Michelle to recognise your love of zip lock bags, even if she claims it wasn't for that purpose.

Where's your post on how you keep stuff in zip lock bags?

amanda j said...

Ooh, what a lovely treat. I love zip lock bags too! These letters can take quite some time to arrive at their destination. I sent a CD of some Oz music to both my pals and they must send them with carrier pigeons.

Jejune said...

Ooooh pressies in the mail - nothing better than that!!

Kristy said...

I've always liked you but now I feel an all new affection for you...I, too, frequently read the end of things first - books, blog posts, news articles, etc.

I'm so happy your package arrived!