Thursday, June 07, 2007

Freedom beanie

edited to add: By popular (heh!) demand, a pic of me wearing it:
Loving the way Miss E's ear flap beanie knitted up in her chosen yarn, I had to make one for myself, sans earflaps. I'm not sure why, as beanies do not suit me at all, but there you go.
So here's my Freedom beanie - haven't decided yet whether to wash/block it or not. I'm a bit scared it will be ridiculously large if I wash it so I'm putting off the inevitable. A bit of fun colour for a dreary day, like today (although clearly I'm not wearing the beanie at work!!) (I am though, wearing this. Hurrah!). Interesting how the yarn striped more in Miss E's version than mine. Gauge, hey!


Pattern: Blue Sky Bulky Earflap Hat, 2006 Knitting Pattern a Day calendar (March 28) (previously made by me here)

Yarn: Twilleys Freedom, 1.25 x 50g balls

Sticks: 10mm dpns

Time: I'm somewhat embarrassed to say it took me almost 3 weeks (you're not the only one Bells!) - in my defence, I was knitting a bunch of other stuff in between! I could only do a few rows on the big sticks before I had to put it down and pick up something a bit finer!

What I learnt: Last time I made this, I used the recommended stick size and the beanie turned out just a little small. This time, used next size up - quite good!


Bells said...

that's lovely! We need a picture of it on though, really, to be able to judge. :-)

Nora said...

Wear it on Saturday - it will definitely be cold enough (and that way, you won't have to wear the red rose corsage)! x

Bells said...

oh are you two meeting up on the weekend? I wish I could be there!

Anonymous said...

Adorable! That yarn looks absolutely yummy.

Jejune said...

The beanie looks wonderful, good job! The Freedom is just divine to knit with, isn't it - I used it for a felted bag (that didn't turn out well, but that's another story). I must revisit it for a more successful project sometime soon!