Friday, August 11, 2006

T's ear flap beanie

Another previous FO - T is a work colleague who hates the thought of knitting but who is quite partial to the idea of a knitted beanie, and since she is going to the UK for a year or so later this year, of course she will need a nice warm beanie...

You can't see it too well, but it is an ear flap beanie - the flaps were a bit smaller than I expected a tended to sit "out" a bit but overall I was pretty happy with this.


Pattern: From a US/Canadian knitting calendar (with a different pattern each day)

Wool: Blue Sky Alpaca Bulky - very thick and warm

Sticks: 9mm circular, 40cm in length - I found it a bit of a challenge using such big sticks with such a short tube thingy, but after cursing my way through the first few rows it got easier. I probably should have used 10mm as the tension was a bit tight, but I wasn't going to rip it and start again, or buy bigger sticks, as I'm not sure I would use them again (I should have just bought them!!)

Time: This was completed in about March or April this year - a very quick knit - good for the UK winter I hope!

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Jenny said...

My daughter would just love that.