Monday, August 21, 2006


Husby remembered the knitting bag - what a good husby he is! A good weekend of knitting.

Was visiting my Mum for the weekend, mainly as it would have been my Dad's birthday on Saturday (he died in February). So went home and it was ok. We went out to visit Dad at the cemetary and had a drink and a piece of fruitcake with him. I guess from an outsider's perspective it sounds a bit morbid or strange but it felt right for us and it made Mum feel a lot better. His plaque has also been attached and that made me very sad. I'm probably sadder about Dad now than I was when he died. I think maybe it was so hard at the time, he had been so sick and in and out of hospital that I felt more that it was a relief, especially for him to not be in hospital any more (he hated it so much) but now I am really missing him so much. I remind myself of how much I still have and how lucky I am and that helps, and like Mum, I still talk to him a bit sometimes.

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