Saturday, August 05, 2006

Current UFO's

Haven't got photo access at the moment and also thought I should take stock of where I'm at - too many things on the sticks and not much getting finished...

1. Shawl collar cardigan from Jo Sharp Knits vol 1 - in Alpaca Kid Lustre (elderberry) - have done 1.5 sleeves, 1 front and the back - so, if you ignore sewing up (which I know I shouldn't as that is probably the hardest bit for me) I'm pretty much half done. Started this one in early June, after going to Melbourne to visit J - a visit which also resulted in J taking up the sticks again (hurrah, another convert!!)

2. Gentleman's Fancy Socks from Nancy Bush's Knitting Vintage Socks - 1.5 socks (well almost) done - am suffering a bit with SSS and have to say am not overly enjoying knitting on 2.5mm sticks. Probably made a mistake getting bamboo dpns, will get metal ones for next pair.

3. Garter stitch rug from Erika Knight's Simple Knits for Little Cherubs - not that you really need a pattern for this one, it is just garter stitch strips (alternating plain and striped blocks) which you sew up. I've modified a bit to make it bigger (8 strips with 8 squares each) and have used 5 colours instead of 4. Have 6 and a bit strips done so might just get it finished before it gets too hot to need it this year (but doubt it!). Good project for knitting in the car, when really tired or when can't be bothered taking a pattern.

4. Plain socks for husby - used 5ply pattern from Jo Sharp Knits because it has no shaping - needed something I could do at a friend's house and didn't want to follow a pattern. Didn't do the picot edging (not very manly!) and so did a standard rib. Bought a couple of balls of Alpaca wool from Peru (not in Peru, in Mittagong!) - was on sale and a nice blue and black tweedy colourmix (not with nobbles though). Very quick to knit, on the foot of the first sock, and only started them last Saturday.

5. Rowan Denim Pinafore (my second one) from Erika Knight's Simple Knits for Little Cherubs (there's a theme here in my patterns at the moment) - slow going on this - have too much stocking stitch knitting going on right now. Probably about 10% done. Lucky I sized it up so should still fit intended recipient next year!

6. Lace Bonnet from Erika Knight's (her again!) Baby Bloom - wanted to do a bit of fancy knitting so started this last week - almost done! Have enjoyed it very much and am finally using some Rowan Wool Cotton (colour 911, Rich) which is great to knit with and so soft. Won't be putting the big fancy ribbon ties on it though, they don't seem very practical for a child. Not sure what I'll do - probably a less fancy ribbon tie I think.

7. Purple crochet bag, in 8py Heirloom wool - haven't touched this for a year (I think...)

8. Red rib shrug (or "hug-me-tight") - I started this when my dad was first in hospital - that was almost 2 years ago. Probably a mistake to make this, it was at the start of my knitting renaissance, but will keep going with it - am almost half done in a 3x2 rib with about 150 stitches - takes me half an hour to do a row - and it is 8ply wool too! (great red). Haven't done any for a while but must pick it up again every so often. Will try for once a week...

I think that's all (it's enough!!) but of course I have at least that many projects in mind to make (including the wool) - it is taking all my willpower to not start any more (well, any more big ones) until I finish something - preferably the Jo Sharp cardigan. We'll see. Will post some photos of these and others shortly.


Anonymous said...

Hmmmm, A list that looks similar in length to mine! Good luck getting through it!

Jenny said...

Sounds like some gorgeous projects you have on the needle there. Don't you just love knitting for little ones, so much quicker than adult garments and so cute when they are finished. I had a quick look at the Erika Knight book last week but didn't take much notice, I'll have to check it out again.Thanks for coming to visit, always nice to find another Australian blogger.