Monday, August 28, 2006

Mystery solved!

Remember this?

Does this give any clues? (hint: the yellow thing is not a beak, or a hole)

Ok, here is the finished product!

I know his arms look a little long but this one helps you see why (sorry about the blurriness, it looked ok on the camera screen!). I LOVE the curly tail!

I made monkey for KT, for her baby shower, which was yesterday (finished just in time on Saturday night). He's my third monkey, the perfect size for little baby hands to hold.


Wool: Magnum Panda 8ply (I know, acrylic, but I figure it is a bit more wash'n'wear for baby toys), small amount of yellow and about 25g of brown, plus scrap of black for eyes and nostrils

Hook: 4.00mm crochet hook

Pattern: Leisure Arts Noah's Ark Afghans and toys, bought from Spotlight. Made a few adjustments - lengthened body, arms and legs by a few rows as it didn't look right. Also sewed the eyes on rather than using beads as recommended, to make more child-friendly.

Time: Started him on Thursday, finished on Saturday - you could make him in a few hours - very easy double crochet and a few slip stitches and chains.


Jenny said...

Well done, he's very cute.

Carson said...

That is sooo cute!
btw, how do you get your tension so even? i'm impressed.

KO said...

I love him - I think I should make one too...perhaps I should do a collection of animals...

Carson, Rose Red's tension is always even. She is very talented!