Sunday, August 06, 2006

Crochet bag

Another past FO. I've made two of these now (this one for me and a red one for J) and my mum has put in an order for a purple one, so might save that up for Christmas - good summer project and so quick to make. Just have to convince husby to let me buy a sewing machine so I can make a lining not by hand!

Pattern: Bamboo Handle Purse, Candi Jensen Hooked on Crochet - didn't put the fringing on - was in two minds about whether to do so or not but the common view from everyone was no - it is enough without it.
Hook: 4mm hook (or possibly 4.5mm)
Cotton: Lana Gatto Jaipur (again - love this cotton!)
Time: Took about 2 weeks I think - love the crochet, it is so quick.

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Kylie said...

The bag looks fantastic your friend is very lucky:)