Saturday, August 12, 2006

CWS II - 12 August 2006

CWS at KT's today - even Dandelion came. Have to say, not much knitting took place (except by me, I say very virtuously!!). Lots of eating, a bit of drinking - had to toast Dandelion's engagement - and then some more eating and drinking. Plus we rubbed KT's belly - which is a nice round soccer ball. Her doctor said he thinks her baby will be comparatively small (whew, we all breathed a sigh of relief for KT on that one!). One month for her to go - we think we'll be having the next few meetings at her house. KO starts her new job on Monday - we miss you from work KO but good luck!!! Looking forward to lunchtime expeditions to Tapestry Craft and various shoe/clothes shops as well!

Made some good progress on my Shawl Collar cardi, up to the waist shaping on the right front piece. Will take some pics and post tomorrow or Monday. Also started the second of husby's Peruvian alpaca socks - they are going along very well.

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