Friday, August 11, 2006

What I read

I've finally added my blog links - one day I might even sort them into knitting and non-knitting...or maybe not.

The Manolo was my first, and he introduced me to many others and it really went from there. I can't remember how I got onto the knitting blogs but I'm so glad I did. Yarn Harlot makes me laugh, Grumperina has me in awe (as does All Tangled Up - what a prolific and generous knitter!), Bluestocking has made me want to knit the Pearl Buck Swing Jacket (just need the wool, and, oh yeah, the time!), Little Jenny Wren reminds me there is more to life than commercialism (although having said that, I am still very materialistic) and everyone else inspires me in different ways.

But not to do intarsia or fair isle. One colour at a time, people!


littlejennywren said...

Thanks for the mention and yes I would like the pattern for the hat. I will email soon.


Thanks for the links to The Bag Snob and The Bag Lady - hate to say it but they're right up my alley! x


Oh, and I am Fashion and Shoewawa. Ok, I'll go away now.