Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Something pretty

I loved this Lace Bonnet (from Erika Knight's Baby Bloom), even though it is so old-fashioned - not what the babies of today wear any more!!! (yes, I am turning into my mother!). But I was bored with all the stocking stitch and garter stitch knitting I was doing and so wanted to make something with a pattern - and so the Lace Bonnet arrived. Still need to attach ribbon ties but have to find the right ribbon - sad to read a lovely ribbon and trim shop, Avamientos in Newtown, is closing down - must try to get there before it is too late.

Modelled rather graciously by my 11 year old nephew (who quite fortunately for the purposes of photo taking, has a relatively small head - otherwise my knee would have been the head model), here it is. Love love love the star/flower on the back.

So, details:
Pattern: Lace Bonnet, Erika Knight's Baby Bloom
Wool: Less than 1x50g of Rowan Wool Cotton, shade 911 (Rich) - a lovely soft burgundy colour (looks less pink than the picture shows) - a beautiful soft yarn to knit with and for babies.
Sticks: 4mm bamboo (sized up from recommended 3.75mm)
Time: Finished Friday 25 August - knitted over about a month, although would be easily a weekend project if you don't have 8 different projects on the go!


Corrie said...

ohhh I have that book, I must check it out as it looks much more funky in the red - the picture in the book with the ribbons put me off a bit

KO said...

I LOVE it - soooooo cute. I think the knitting may be a little too technical for me though. I will have to keep practicing and going to CWS!

Kath said...

Lovely bonnet. I just need to have more kids to make one!

NattyChick said...

Very cute. Love the monkey from the other post too.