Friday, June 22, 2007

What I'm loving sick right now!

I never thought I'd get there, but I have - hurrah! I've finally finished the twisted stitch chart on the sockapalooza socks - and I have to say, I am LOVING knitting these now! I fly through the stocking stitch, and I actually feel like I probably will get these socks finished on time!

A question though - should I do the recommended standard slip stitch heel flap or should I do eye of partridge? I quite like the effect of eye of partridge but, you know, this is a Nancy Bush pattern we're talking about - should I mess with the Nancy magic??

And my clappy - half way through - woo hoo! At one stage I was like "too much stocking stitch", but now I am totally loving knitting this - and when I get to row 6, I'm all "yay, I'm making a new drop stitch stitch" and then row 8, even better - "I'm dropping a stitch, look everyone (ie no-idea-about-knitting husband and disinterested cat), I'm dropping a stitch!".

I think on reflection I should have done one more increase repeat, but overall I think it will be a good length and probably the right width for our climate. Yippee!

ps. sorry about my craptastic use of language today. I've been doing some heavy duty writing at work this week and I think it has taken all the good words out of me and left only the poor ones. Or I'm regressing to being a teenager in the 80s, one or the other!


Bells said...

yay socks! yay clap! I have no idea what to advise you on the heel. I only know one kind. I should learn another kind, shouldn't I?

I sniggered when i saw you use sick in the title. Quite amusing.

Nora said...

I love your clap!!! I always use my standard heel - irrespective of the designer.

michele said...

oh too funny, all the good words gone.

on one of your posts you talk about not being funny. either you've underestimated yourself or you've changed. you're funny.

BrownPants said...

Clap's looking lovely darling!

Queen of the froggers. said...

Clapotis is gorgeous!!!

Anonymous said...

The sock is looking great & so is clappy! I haven't done those socks, so I don't know about the heel. As a teen of the 80's, I feel you, LOL.

knitnthings said...

Mmmmm purty clappy & socks! I made a compromise when I did my Nacy socks... I used the heel she recomended then I did my own thing with the toes. Worked out well.

Jejune said...

Lovely knitting there!

I get 'word fatigue' too - I write crosswords for a living, and when it comes to blog posts half the time I can't think of anything apart from 'nice' 'good' and 'beautiful' LOL!

Dipsy said...

I'm absolutely impressed by the beautiful work you're doing - these socks look totally awesome, and so does your Clap! As for the heels - hm, that's a tough one considering the fact that is IS a Nancy Bush pattern. I for one am a total sucker for the Eye of Partridge heel though, so I guess I'll recommend this one ;)
Happy knitting!