Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Wanna piece of me?

And get out your splayds!


Snoozen said...

Hey Rose Red,

It was certainly yummy for us on the first and second days and heated slightly in the microwave was also a great idea. Thanks for making it. I have got mum checking to see how much splayds cost at the DJs sale starting today.

I hope this works as I will be able to comment again on your site.

Fingers crossed.

Bells said...

i so need splayds!!!

Queen of the froggers. said...

What are splayds?! It looked great!

Georgie said...

Wow, someone else who has splayds! I love mine - my mum nearly died when I asked for a set for my birthday when I first moved out of home years back, because we always had them at home and I missed them so much.

QotF: splayds are a cross between a spoon and fork, (maybe a little knife?). Vintage: early 70s? Maybe 60s? Uber-retro, anyhoo. They have shorter tynes than a fork and a square-ish sort of bowl for the spoon bit. Very good for things like rice dishes, when a fork just doent hold enough ;-)

Bring back the splayds I say! I'm with you RR!

Sue said...

Hey RR,

Cake was also yummy on the third day again heated slightly with meltly icing and a glass of milk.

DJs have not had cake splayds for 2 years I have been informed. Peters do however.

Thanks for keeping us sweet for 3 continuous days.

Olivia said...

I. Love. Splayds. Our set were one of those things that you accumulate when you have a few different housemates come and go, and leave unwanted things behind. I use them every day, just about.

Miss Fi said...

Wicked J

Just remembering Snoozen's husband comment that it tasted like a "good packet mix, y'know Betty Crocker". He he he snort.

Tasty enough for two helpings each

Splayds are sometimes mistakenly referred to as sporks. Plastic version often found in Asian takeaways.

r'nee said...


You do me a gross disservice! 'Twas RR herself who opined out loud that it tasted a bit cake-mixy, so I applied the positive spin of "but Betty Crocker, not White Wings".

HOW much wine were you drinking???