Friday, March 28, 2008

Bags me!

I guess I haven't been showing a lot of knitting lately - mainly because I've been knitting my swap goodies for the Australian Knitters Bag Lady swap on Ravelry - our packages were due to be posted off this week. I'm pretty sure my swap pal doesn't read my blog, but I didn't want to post any spoilers just in case (so there'll be a big week of FO's next week!)

And something which is always a nice surprise, even though I know in theory it is coming, is that I get a package in the mail too! Yay! And the best surprise of all was that my swap pal was Tinkingbell! I did wonder why I wasn't being asked any questions, as other Ravellers in the swap were. I just figured I was totally easy to stalk - I mean, hello! Something red - check; something shoe related - check; yarn - check.

It never occured to me I would have one of my blog pals knitting for me - how cool is that!

And here is my package of goodness. It was hard to fit it all in the one shot (although I did somehow still manage to get my washing in the background. Sigh).
So many things!
  • a red and black felted bag - with lots of external pockets - I love bags with pockets!

  • a red and white fabric sock project bag - yay! Even though I think I've got about 6 project bags, I was running out. Now the Grrrman Stockings have their own lovely sleeping bag, while they snooze in the naughty corner

  • 2 red flannelette shoe bags - with sock buttons!

  • a red shoe mobile phone charm

  • raspberry red yarn! It's Naturally Mist....I'm thinking of making Wisp out of it, what do you think?
  • Marian sock pattern
  • mmmmm Tasmanian fudge

  • mmmmm rocky road ... soap. So I can't eat it, although I'd really like to!
  • Cupcake lipgloss ... also can't eat the cupcake!

  • and for something completely random, a grow your own gnome! Hee, I love gnomes. I shall be conducting an experimental grow from the weekend, documenting it every day...

Thanks so much Tink, I love everything!


kgirl said...

that's one great swap parcel, lucky lady!

what a haul!

Bells said...

When Tink told me she was your swap partner it was seriously all I could do to not tell you I KNEW who your partner was. I'm sure you'd have guessed since you knew I'd seen her. So I was good. Do I get a gold star now?

I have EXACTLY the same lipgloss. I have been meaning to post a photo.

Wisp would be so beautiful in that colour (which I also have - also from Tink!). How lovely.

Such riches.

The real question of course is, what will you christen your gnome?

kim said...

Hmmm... it does indeed seem that Tink knows you well! Great loot! How cute is that little cupcake?!

Michelle said...

OMG you and Bells are TWINS with that lipgloss! So very Mouthfuls of Heaven!

That is a wonderful haul you got there from Tinkingbell! The Mist is gorgeous. The flannel shoe bags are such a great idea! Why hadn't I thought of them!?

Lynne said...

What a lovely end to your week. Congratulations, Tinkingbell, on a fantastic parcel!

Sarah said...

Lovely things! All that red is wonderful. Thanks for the link to Earth Hour too.

Anonymous said...

Amazing package & so much of your favorite color, too!

Corrie said...

wowsers you got spoilt big time!


Michele said...

oh it's all so gorgeous! and i want a gnome now :( i wonder where she got it. i think the Mist would be prefect in the raspberry yarn. yum.

Michele said...

i mean Wisp - the Wisp scarf would be wonderful in the Mist yarn. sorry haven't had coffee yet today.

TinkingBell said...

So glad you liked it (and I have a line on all sorts of grow your own things!!!!! email me!)

Had such fun putting it together and was just bursting to tell someone who knew us both!!! - Bells - gold star time for you!

Jejune said...

Oh lovely - what a great bunch of goodies and treats!!!

MadMad said...

What a great haul! How funny that it was Tinkingbell!

2paw said...

Tinking did such a perfect job!! LOvely parcel!!!