Friday, March 14, 2008

A Day in My Life: 14 March

One of the first bloggers I started to read, Little Jenny Wren, had a great idea to chronicle her day every 14th of the month. I thought this sounded great, as I so often think back to certain days and wonder what I did. Especially ordinary days, as these are so easily forgotten. I'm a bit late posting (this is actually posted on the 15th, although I've backdated the post) as the 14th was a work day and we ended up watching a movie on Foxtel last night, so I didn't get a chance to slip away to the computer. So here's my day, Friday 14 March 2008:

Woke up at around 6.30am. Husby going into work early so I stayed in bed a while and he spoiled me and brought me a piece of vegemite toast - oooh, breakfast in bed on a workday - wow! So I listened to a podcast (I finally took your advice Bells!) and did a little bit of knitting in bed, then dragged myself out to face the day. Showered, up to the bus stop to wait...and wait...and the bus finally arrived and so into work. As I usually do, I read the front and back page of the paper and did the sudoku, and then still had some time to knit some more on the bus.

Got into work a little late, but had time to make myself a coffee (my work has an excellent capuccino machine) and then had a meeting at 10. Work work work until 12.30, when I was meeting with a former work colleague, Miss E, for an expedition up to Tapestry Craft. Miss E has decided she would like to start knitting socks (yay!) so I brought in an easy 8ply sock pattern for her and we picked some yarn (hot pink Zara!!) and sticks - she's going to try magic loop, and looked at poncho patterns as well (she's also keen to knit a cabley type of poncho, like one that is currently in Witchery). Actually, I forgot to mention, I checked out the knitwear in Witchery on my way into work - they have some nice chunky knits at present, included a sideways garter stitch vest which could very easily be knit without a pattern! Most interestingly, none of the knitwear had labels which showed what type of yarn they were made from - well, not that I could find anyway. Perhaps I didn't look closely enough at the care labels?

I did not buy anything at Tapestry Craft!! Amazing! Miss E went back to work while I went to Lincraft - I needed to buy some felt and embroidery thread for a swap gift I'm making (the bag lady swap on Ravelry). I also checked out the yarn. I find the Lincraft yarn area quite depressing generally speaking, but they do have some good yarn at the moment, the new Cleckheaton Vintage Twist, new Patons Serenity DK and a few others, but their pattern books are all over the place. Shame really, as it makes it so hard to find anything, especially when you have limited time on your lunch break.

Picked up some Hokka Hokka noodles on the way back to work - reached the free noodles space on my regular customer card - yay! Friday is often noodle day for me, I have to admit. I had the same as I usually do, white flat noodles, BBQ chicken, broccoli and soy & oyster sauce - yummo!

At lunch at my desk and checked a few blogs, then back into work.

Three o'clock is coffee time (and why yes, I do say it to the tune of "Hammer Time" and do the "do-do-da-do's). I always get a "downstairs" coffee (ie a capuccino from the coffee place out the back of my work) in the afternoons - it's a nice "fresh air" break. I took coffee orders from my work colleagues and one came with me, so we chatted while waiting for our coffees to be made.

Back to work, until about 5.15. We have a little fridge in our work area and since it was Friday, a few of us stayed behind and we had a bottle of champagne (well, sparkling wine, as it clearly was not French, nor expensive!) and a chat, which is a great way to end the week. Husby picked me up just after 6 and we drove home. I knitted in the car, as I usually do.

Friday night is always takeaway night. We usually get Thai or Indian, this week it was Indian. Samosas, butter chicken, vegetable korma, rice and garlic naan. We decided to watch a movie on Foxtel Box Office - cheaper than hiring a DVD or going out to the movies! So we fired up the tv and watched Ratatouille - it was great! Husby loves animated cartoon type movies, so that one is going on his birthday/Christmas wish list! It finished in time so that we could watch the end of the West Wing on the W channel - another favourite show - if you haven't watched it, I highly recommend it - great writing, great acting and just interesting to see "inside" the White House - I mean, I have no idea how realistic it is, but they do a great job portraying how it might be.

I forgot to add, I was knitting all the while when watching tv. Sometimes I feel like we should have the lights off when watching movies, but then I couldn't knit - and I'd rather be knitting than just sitting there with the tv on.

I fed the cat while husby cleaned up the dinner plates - naughty Nellie didn't come inside so we had to leave the cat door open for her, which I don't like doing, but don't have a choice - she can be very sneaky when she wants!

Hit the bed - fell asleep almost as soon as my head hit the pillow!

So that was my day - if you want to join in, feel free - I'd love to read about your day too! (next time, I'll try and take some pictures too!!)


Bells said...

oh I like this idea! Very much. I was thinking a while back that I could not remember what my daily life was like when I was in previous relationship. The little details just escape me completely. Sometimes the little things are worth remembering. Or maybe not. It's nice to record them.

I do that Hammer time thing to, to lots of different things. he he

MadMad said...

What a fun idea! And a useful one, considering I typically can't remember the answer to "whatja do this weekend....?" on Monday.

Jenny said...

I agree, TV time is definitely knitting time.

Georgie said...

What a great idea! The everyday mudane things need to be documented and recorder just as much as the big events - which often start from mundane beginnings too. Visiting historian aliens will be thankful for the "slice of life" in 2000 years time, teehee! Or maybe cats will be ruling the world and hold you up as the epitome of the former opressing ruling species!!

Anonymous said...

LOL@Coffee Time! I can only imagine. At least you fit knitting in.

Donna Lee said...

What a good idea. I'll have to try to remember on the fourteenth of April. Actually, that's my brother's birthday so maybe that'll help.

Jejune said...

Really fascinating to read about your day - cool idea, too, might do it sometime too! I'd love to hear a little more about the work you do, if it's not too sensitive / able to be discussed in general terms...

Anonymous said...

Oh gawd, you really (REALLY) don't want to read about my day. It goes from 'procrastinating over studying' to 'panicking about looming assignment due date' to 'actually hitting the books' and around again. Not much fun. :o) Oh BTW, I tried the green and black chocolate today. Mmmmm. I'm hooked.

Em said...

What a great idea! I may have to jump on this bandwagon, it sounds like lots of fun. Maybe I'll play around with my days, though. I like the sound of your day, and of spending time chatting with co-workers. I'm getting Jim to leave the lights on while we watch movies more and more, soon he won't even remember a time when I didn't knit in front of the tv.

Corrie said...

oh you've taken me back to my working in the city days! mind you coming from the northern beaches there were no sleep ins for me and a long bus ride to work but lots of shopping and yes lincraft is tres depressing! I love my new spotlight which is a huge new store down here...and everything is in the right place and they have the latest of everything! too good