Wednesday, May 09, 2007


Had our regular chicks with sticks meeting at Miss E's house on the weekend - she has a great place very close to the city but so little traffic or other noise - and water glimpses! She is v. lucky!
Here she is knitting away on her second little slipper, which is almost finished, and in the most gorgeous shade of red you can find! Doesn't she look like an expert knitter! She's only been knitting for a couple of months!
KT, still slogging along on the red cushion cover - she's in the moss (seed) stitch bit - urk! But so close KT, so close - you can do it! (oh, action shot blurriness going on there!)
Miss D, rib rib ribbing along on her second ribbed beanie - first one for her husband, and had to have one for herself, in the most divinely soft green Jo Sharp DK tweed which will look fabulous on her. Doesn't she have a nice profile!
And KO, not knitting this week, but reading cv's. We all work in HR, so it's a lot of fun to get together and compare notes - not only about our knitting, but work and life and all.
Finally, Rexyroodles - keeping a close watch on any bird or insect life that might be a good catch. Also partial to yarn and shoe straps, which, Miss E has discovered, can be eaten whole!
I made these to take along - and they were gooooood! After all the food we ate on Saturday, I don't think any of us had anything for dinner! Thanks Miss E for hosting!


Bells said...

there's nothing like a knitterly gathering to inspire a baking frenzy!

No pics of what you're working on????

Rose Red said...

I forgot...

Nora said...

And where's the photo of you??