Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Memory Lane

I promised Bells I would post some photos of long ago completed crochet projects, back before I got into knitting again in a big way. I've already told the Rose Red Crochet Story, so won't go into that again.

Just the pics - here is a doily (yes, a doily!!) I made I think in about 2000 or 2001. I have to say, I'm not a big fan of the doily generally speaking, but my mum has always used them. But this one, I love this one. It sits on a round side table we have in our front (or formal) lounge room, which also houses an 1920s chaise longue and grandfather/grandmother chair set, our reproduction federation style fireplace and, one day, the grandfather clock which husby's father made (we just have to get it here somehow!). This doily is about 45cm/18" in diameter and is the biggest one I've made. It is exactly the size of the table (quite coincidentally of course!!)

Close up of the centre (I especially love the spiral!):

And this is a cross-stitch sampler pattern which I converted into filet crochet. As is traditional with samplers, it has my initials and the year of completion (well, actually I think I completed this in 2001, but since I worked it from the bottom up, I had to guestimate how long it would take!

I haven't sewn the ends in yet (my least favourite task) but the plan for this is to frame it and hang it probably in our bedroom. One day.


Bells said...

Goodness me! You are soooo clever. That doily is utterly beautiful. When you think of the machine produced ones you can buy in the shops, this just craps all over those. It's beautiful!

And the sampler! I adore samplers and this one is a marvel. Well done!

Donna said...

Those are gorgeous pieces, RR! I bought some teeny tiny (even for me) DPNS and some perle thread to knit a doily or two, but I keep being a baby about it!
Love, love, love them. (But I'd be scared to use them in my house, because I live with pigs ;)

Melzy Knits said...

That is gorgeous! I love it. I aspire to someday do a sampler like that one.

Jejune said...

Wow, they are both beautiful, but the doily is especially spectacular!

I have cross-stitch things sitting under my bed waiting to be either framed or finished... but it seems there is always knitting taking priority ;)

Anonymous said...

Absolutely gorgeous! I love the classic-ness of this work; even though few do it anymore, it has a charm that'll never die. Beautiful.

Diana said...

The doily is stunning!!! I'd love to learn to crochet that well. I bought an old crochet magazine recently that has several patterns. I've done a little filet crochet so I should try a doily! Both pieces are wonderful.

Lynne said...

OOo! that doily is beautiful. I use them occasionally. There's one under the fruit basket to stop the basket from scrathing the table top. There used to be doilys on my dressing table, under the cut glass dressing table set given by my mother in law (whom I love dearly) - but now I don't have a dressing table!

Anyway, your crochet work is just so fine and neat - congratulations!

claudine said...

Wow, they are amazing!! So beautiful and delicate. I love that spiral doily especially.

Queen Frogger said...

That is beautiful crochet. Wow!

catsmum said...

what IS it with us finishing stuff and then not framing it?
I'm another with a whole pile of otherwise FOs that fall into that category.
Gorgeous gourgeous crochet ... that sampler MUST be framed
It just MUST
and here I never knew you crocheted!

Carol said...

OH ... MY ... GOD.

Superb, exquisite, sublime, amazing, beautiful. I could go on, but I fear the thesaurus would run out of words. I am in awe.

Georgie said...

Such beautiful work - makes me quite reflective since my Bebbe (dad's mum) did similarly stunning fine crochet work. And sad because I never got around to getting her to teach me.

That centre spiral is indeed very special! It all is!