Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The power of the web

Some random items which all have a link to the power (or not) of the web (not in a spiderman kinda way, but a connection kinda way).

Last week, I posted about the mail (or lack thereof) and immediately I got a letter! Then I posted about the lack of suitable coats and immediately...I still could not find a perfect coat - but I'm a bit closer in my quest! (as Amy suggested in the comments, this is clearly a power to be used judiciously, not wantonly!). But I did get another letter (thanks Melissa!)

Then I met up with Bells - to answer some questions in the comments from yesterday - Yes, JT is still HOT (Bells can verify, as I actually haven't seen him for years) and we discovered this mutual crush when we were talking about where I lived before I moved to Sydney (not sure what you were thinking r'nee!!):
Me: "I'm from X"
Bells: "OMG did you know JT"
Me: "YES!! I went to school with him"
Bells: "Oh I met him at Easter Camp and I had the biggest crush on him"
Me: "I had just a little crush on him too"
Both: HA HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA (not in a maniacal way!)

Finally, some knitting - these socks - without the web, I would not have the fab-o Jaywalker pattern (in Lorna's Laces Black Purl), or know about the wonders of Trekking XXL - love how these simple ribbed socks are looking - the colour repeats are not repeats at all. And my first eye of partridge heel there on the Trekking sock - looks better in the picture than in person!
(sorry about the shadows, had to take this picture in full sun to get the colours to show true - I need to fiddle around with my camera settings as Jeanne has recommended!) Now if only they were a matching pair - I'd have another FO!


Emma said...

Ooh, both socks look great. I love your Jaywalker!

Dianne said...

Love the Jaywalkers, and the Eye of Partridge heel on the Trekking sock is great. Where did you find Lorna's Laces and Trekking in Sydney?

Nora said...

We can go coat shopping together. This time I won't be a baby - promise!

Bells said...

the power of the web is fantastic isn't it? I feel all gushy about it today!

I'm going to pick your brains on jaywalkers because for some reason I don't get them, or one stitch in them, to be precise.

Rachael said...

I love them both esp. the trekking sock! Great work!

amanda j said...

Well, that's the kicker. I have been oogling Black Purl forever, now I HAVE to buy it! Gorgeous socks!

Melissa said...

I'm so glad that you got the letter! Goodness it sure does take a while!
Glad he's still hot. It is terrible when your crush gets older and disgusting. Trust me on this.

msfortuknit said...

Those are lovely!

Donna said...

The socks look great, both pairs. And I'm a fan of the eye of partridge heel, too.

amy said...

Kind of OT--I replied to you at my place but wanted to leave a link for you here too. If you want an idea of the other patterns in the Knitting Nature book, there's a blog-- http://knittingnature.blogspot.com/
I don't know that I'll make any besides the tam, but they are really neat to look at & the text in the book is interesting, too.

And NICE socks!!!

catsmum said...

that black pearl is scrumptious ... both socks are gorgeous and kinda colour co-ordinated so in the absence of second socks you could wear them together ... no ??
and did 'da code id da dose' eventuate btw?
and it's so cool that you and Bells got to hang

Diana said...

That is so great that you and Bells have met and hilarious that you had crushes on the same boy way back when! Ienjoy your food blog too.
The socks make me want to get some on needles too which I should do anyway because I bought my first Trekking yarn yesterday and on sale!! I may as well knit the Jaywalkers.