Thursday, May 31, 2007

My 7 favourite pieces of clothing

Laura tagged me for the 7 weird things meme - as I did this the last time it went around (except it was 6 things then!), and since I've also just done 100 things about me, I thought you may be getting sick of weird things about me! Since Michele asked for a post about your favourite item of clothing (and she's offering a prize - woo hoo!) I thought I'd combine the two, and do my 7 favourite pieces of clothing.
1. My new overcoat
Yes, my search is over! It isn't exactly the coat I imagined (it doesn't have a v-neck, but rather a mandarin style collar, and it's black, not red) but it is shaped beautifully, has nice deep pockets and can be worn as a long jacket or as an overcoat. I'm not really a frill person (it has a frill around the edge) but on this coat, it just works. I've worn it every day this week and I love it, I feel fabulous in it!
Sorry the photo doesn't show the detail as well as it could, it's hard taking pictures at night!

2. My Missoni style cardi
I've always loved the way Missoni puts colours together, and the chevron pattern. This cardi stalked me from the first time I saw it in Karen Millen in London. I loved it then but it was just too expensive. Then a few months later I saw it again in Singapore (I sound like a jetsetter, but not really!!). It was on sale, but still fairly expensive, and I'd already spent a little bit of money on shoes...(funny that!). But when I saw it for the 3rd time, at Westfield Bondi Junction, reduced further, I could resist no longer. It was meant to be!
3. My black flippy skirt
You can't see it too well on the hanger, but this skirt has lovely shaping - hourglass shaping and a little flip at the bottom. It really suits my figure and I always feel good when wearing it (in fact, I'm wearing it today). I have this style of skirt in brown, and also as a dress, and used to have it as a long skirt too (before it shrank, it shrank I say!). I love this style.

4. My silky coat thingy
I'm not sure what to call this exactly, but I usually wear it with a longish black skirt and black top. I feel very late 1920s/early 1930s in this outfit. It is a lovely plummy-brown and I always get lots of compliments when I wear it (always helps to make something a favourite, doesn't it!). You may have noticed - I have a bit of a thing about bell sleeves. I do love them!
5. My Dad's tartan shirt
My dad had 5 or 6 of these sorts of shirts (including one which used to belong to his dad, who died in 1966. Dad stopped being able to fit into that shirt a while back!). When we were at home at Easter, Mum went through the wardrobe with us and we all got a few things. So this is my shirt. It hangs in the wardrobe, on one of Dad's coathangers, and I remember.
6. My favourite skirt
I loved this skirt the moment I saw it - the fabric, the pattern, the colours - all fabulous! And so had to buy it - of course, it went on sale about 3 weeks later but I didn't care. I've worn it to work, on the weekend, to formal events, shopping in London, shopping in Singapore and lastly in Hawaii, where I discovered the back seam had finally given out. So now it sits folded on the chair in my bedroom, waiting for me to take it to my mother-in-law's to see if she can revive it (hence the somewhat wrinkled appearance).
7. My wedding dress and shoes
Because it has to be on the list!
I know this isn't a great shot of the dress (apologies for the weird cropping!), but hey, it was really all about the shoes!

So what are your favourite pieces of clothing? I'd love to know!


Bells said...

oh lovely. You have some beautiful stuff!

I love that a shirt of your dad's is included in the list.

I'm going to have to think before doing this - if I do it. I'm not much of a clothes collector. I don't think bits and pieces from Target would make for a great post....

michele said...

ohmygod your purple silk coat thingy is gorgeous! and the missoni sweater. and great wedding photo.

and what is it about dad's shirts eh. when my grandfather died i wore his black shirts for an entire summer, much to my mother's horror. it's good to have those shirts.

amy said...

I love your wedding dress. Simple and lovely.

I USED to have some favorite pieces of clothing, clothes that I felt sexy or beautiful in for wearing out, others that I felt wrapped up in. Now I just grab what's available and cleanish, clean being relative, because I travel with two little boys and tend to use my clothes in lieu of napkins and tissues, when necessary. :-)

I have some clothes waiting to come out of hiding, including a black leather jacket bought in the big outdoor market in Florence. I love my Birks. And I wore my mother's wedding dress when I got married.

Nora said...

Beautiful pieces Jane.

Lynne said...

"Dad's shirt" brought tears to my eyes. Not becasue my dad wears shirts like that but because it was such a beautiful idea! Even if you never wear it.

Thanks for dropping by my blog and giving me some advice about that first pair if socks. I'm not looking forward to unpicking the grafting but I may have to!

Amy said...

Oh, that chevron sweater! It's soooo gorgeous. It would have been calling my name, too.

Queen Frogger said...

I love the picture of the weding dress!

Georgie said...

What a fabulous list RR, thanks so much for sharing. You have some gorgeous pieces (always wanted to say "pieces", its sooo Trinny and Susannah!).

Might give it go myself when back in oz, but I'm a bit of a wanna-be with clothes....

Jejune said...

I really enjoyed this peek into your closet - and I like your style too! Loved the fact you have one of your Dad's shirts.

I'm just starting to get back into op shopping and sewing more for myself - everything in the 'new clothes' shops (that I can afford - we're talking Big W and Target, here) just looks ordinary, and I refuse to go through my 40s (and 50s, and 60s...) in ordinary clothes.

I'll give your 'closet collection' challenge some thought... I like the idea.