Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Personalised labels

By popular demand...details for the personalised labels.

These are from Cash's, the great Australian company - where my mum got labels from for my brothers and I when we were kids (so they've been around a loooong time!) (click on the nametapes link on the left hand side of their page). You can even get AFL branded labels and shoe labels! I think the label is a nice touch for gifted knitting or other handmade items. I'm just crap at sewing them on!!


Jejune said...

Thanks for the link, they are seriously cool :D

Bells said...

oh useful! Thank you! i want some!!!

Lynne said...

I thought they might be - we had Cash labels for DD's school uniforms, hankies,etc.

I think your sewing is fine. It's a pity one can't use iron-on lables on knitting, isn't it? :-)