Tuesday, May 22, 2007

We have a winner!

Well, two actually, on two fronts:
First, my 200th post prize winner...Laura! Laura was the lucky last commenter whose name came out of the hat first! Laura, if you can email me your details to roseredshoes AT yahoo DOT com DOT au a little package will be winging its way to you soon.

Second, my sockapalooza sock. Looking for gauge of 18st x 28 rows to 2 inches/5 cm, I swatched on the teeny tiny 2mm toothpick sticks and got 20st x 28 rows, and a really tight fabric, which I didn't much care for. So I tried the 2.25mm sticks and got 19st x 26 rows. I thought I'd better wash them just to be sure. So the 2mm swatch ended up at 19st x 30 rows and 2.25 perfect at 18st x 28 rows - hurrah! The smallest sticks I've used previously were 2.5mm, so will be interesting to see how I go on the 2.25s!
Here's how they look (2mm swatch on the left) - unfortunately, I could not get a good picture to show the colours of the yarn, which really does knit up bee-yootifully - mainly blues but some purples and even dusty pink (which really is the only pink I can tolerate) and not as dark as this picture shows. I think it will go with the pattern really well (hope so anyway!).


Nora said...

I'd love to knit those socks, but 80sts is too, too many! I'm thinking of modifying the pattern by omitting those diagonal things on ndls 1 and 2. What do you think?

Queen Frogger said...

Good luck with the teeny sock needles, and well done to Laura for being the lucky winner!

Lynne said...

Aren't you the clever one? You made your swatch come out the right size by washing it!
Any other tips for threatening non-cooperative yarn?

Melissa said...

I'm glad you found a sockapalooza yarn. It looks pretty.

Michelle said...

I've never done a sock on needles that tiny- let us know how it turns out! The yarn looks great, too.