Thursday, May 24, 2007

A snail mail tale

You might recall my post a couple of weeks ago lamenting the non-arrival of various letters I was waiting on as a result of the otherwise excellen Knitterly Letter Swap organised by Domesticat. I must have been doing something right because not only have I now received 3 letters but also a number of packages (which may have contained yarn - shhh don't mention knit from your stash - it was pretty much all exception yarn, honest!!).

My original letter buddy, Michele, first sent me a letter and package with chocolate (by the way, check out her blog - she's only been blogging for a little while, and has made a great Rowan denim zip up cardi). She left a comment on the blog to let me know it would be arriving in about 2 weeks (it was coming from Canada you see). Two weeks went by and I was waiting patiently. I thought maybe she would be worried that I wasn't going to respond (as there were a few drop outs in this swap - why does this happen? Anyway, I digress). So I got her details from Domesticat and emailed. Well, that package still hasn't arrived - we expect that a customs officer or mailperson somewhere might be enjoying the chocolate (lindt chocolate no less!). But Michele sent another letter, and some fab-o buttons, and this arrived yesterday!

Hurrah! My faith in the mail almost restored. Fully restored if the first letter with the chocolate arrives...Hope is a virtue right?!


Bells said...

Hope is indeed a virtue. You've obviously got it by the bucketload!

Nice buttons! Very cool!!!

Nora said...

I once received a parcel (eBay) from the U.S THREE MONTHS after it was posted. I'd actually given up ALL hope. (Maybe that's the secret...)

Queen Frogger said...

The buttons are great! glad a letter got to you in the end.

Jejune said...

OOoh lovely things in the mail - nothing much better than that! Those buttons are very cute - do you have plans for them yet?

If your package from Canada was sent by whale mail by accident, it will take 3 months... or else Customs / Quarantine may be having a little romp through its contents. Hope it shows up soon!

Breien in Lansingerland said...

Michelle sure knows how to treat a person :-) Yes, sometimes the postal services are a pain in the bottom. :-) Here in Holland quality with the mail is getting lost due to cost reduction - good personnel are fired and non motivated personnel have to do the work. Sad actually.

Janette said...

Great Knitterly Letter Swap!

I've discovered anything sent from Canada that contains foods is held up in Australian Customs (especially home made cookies someone sent me recently). It will eventually arrive along with a funny smell!

Kristy said...

I don't have your email address so I am replying to your comment here.

Yes, indeed, the nice police officer DID smell my yarn. He never lost eye contact with me. I got the distinct impression he was humoring the crazy woman. ;)

I have a 25% off coupon to Borders and I think I just might have to go looking for Knitting on the Road.

I'm so glad your mail arrived safely. I got a letter from a knitting friend in Canada recently that took 5 weeks to get here. I am in California. Crazy!

Melissa said...

Nice buttons. I hope you get your original package!
I have read on more than one swap board that Australia searches alot of the mail that comes into the country, thus the delay that sometimes happens.

Michele said...

Hey how funny it is to see a photo of the card I sent and the buttons. What a great and crazy place this world is now with the internet and swaps. I love it. Hope you enjoy the buttons and I guess that's it for mailing chocolate for me. xo