Monday, March 19, 2007

Happy Birthday Sydney Harbour Bridge

Yesterday, Husby and I, along with (well over) 200,000 of our neighbours, walked across the Harbour Bridge, to celebrate her 75th birthday (I'm pretty sure she's a she, not a he - something about the sensual curves??!).

Shame the weather was overcast, as the photos aren't as spectacular as they could have been. But it was relatively cool, and it didn't rain, so all was good. Except that we missed out on a hat. They were giving away these (actually quite horrible) lime green hats. They looked great en masse, and my brother, who collects caps, would have loved one. But not to be. On the up side, the public transport worked perfectly. It was a very well organised event.

I love the architecture of the bridge - such a beauty to look at, an icon of our harbour. It tickled me to see the same structure near the Statue of Liberty in New York (but we couldn't get close enough to it to get a good photo!). It is the heart of the city.
(Clearly we weren't the only ones to miss out on a hat!). From this grille, you can see the harbour underneath - not very well in this picture - but trust me it's there in it's green glory.

At the southern end about 50 windchimes were hung from one of the cross beams. It was beautiful. Almost made me cry, as my dad would have loved that. I felt quite emotional generally as I was walking across the bridge. Not sure why. I think it was just a lovely community feeling, and that is so rare to experience in a big city.

As is walking towards George Street, the main street in Sydney, down the middle of the road. The city is great when there's no traffic! Can't wait until the Bridge turns 100 (although as I just realised this morning when Husby and I were discussing it, I will be 60! Urk!)

Thanks to the organisers for a great event, and thanks JJ Bradfield for designing the bridge, and thanks to those who built it and maintain it, and in particular, those who lost their lives in doing so.


Donna said...

Oh lord, I'll be 60, too. And Em will be nearly 40. That's just scary!

Belinda said...

I wish I could of done it. But had to work...I was surprised with the lack of traffic though. I had to be at the airport at 12.30, so left with plenty of time to spare. But the tunnel was no problem, there actually seemed less people on the road than a usual Sunday. Don't worry I'll be 61 and my son will be 32. I don't know what is scarier!

Snoozen said...

We did the Bridge walk, the first activity the kids have done with their grandparents. We got caught up in the train delays with the death at North Sydney. But they did an amazing job at getting the system up and running again. The atmosphere was awesome reminded us of the Olympics I was even dancing on the Bridge with young Evie. Loved the wind chimes. All in all a fantastic fun day. I also have a hat you can give your brother we got one for each of us and I will keep one each for the girls but your brother can have mine. I will be 64 when it is 100 how exciting is that and will probably be able to use my seniors card on the train :-)

Jo said...

Damn.... I'll be even older than you all, at 67!

My Mum used to take us to walk across the Bridge during the school holidays as part of our Sydney day out. (Back when I was young... um, younger!!!)

M-H said...

I don't know what you're worried about; I'll be 80. :)