Wednesday, March 07, 2007


Patience is not one of my strongest virtues. I am all about having it now. I've been thinking a lot about this aspect of my character since my over the top spree in New York, and reading something about the Compact, which is a movement which started in the US aimed at reducing the amount of consumption - the true Compacters buy only those things which are absolutely necessary to live (and which they can't get through other means) and barter or whatever for the rest.
I don't think I could ever go that far, but I am trying to cut down on my spending. Knit from your Stash is going to help me, but it's really the shoe and clothes shopping that will be a challenge. I need to force myself to think twice about every purchase - do I really need it, do I need it now, can I get it another time if I really do need it, that sort of thing. Husby and I have a lot of stuff and I do wonder if it really does make us happier. It's a challenge - so far I've managed to go this month, since we've returned from our trip, and have bought very little. I think it's a good thing.

When I need reminding, I look at this plant, in our front yard. When we first moved into our house (in 2000), I planted a Strelitzia (Bird of Paradise) in our back yard. It was a small one, and I knew then that they can sometimes take a few years before they flower. We had to replant it in our front yard about two years ago, and we supplemented it with a larger more mature strelitzia as well. The little one still hasn't flowered but a couple of weeks ago I discovered the bigger one finally has flower spikes. And they opened up over the course of this last week.

Patience really does pay off with something beautiful at the end, something worth waiting for.


chocolatetrudi said...

This sounds familiar... after I got back from the UK (during which I bought quite a bit of yarn) I didn't want to buy any more yarn. I felt a bit guilty about my yarn-buying excesses.

It lasted for about three or four months, during which I knit up a lot of the holiday yarn. Then almost by accident I bought something, and all was back to normal.

Dunno what to call this. Post holiday shopping blues, maybe?

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful flower & sentiment. I completely agree.

Kristy said...

Bird of Paradise, indeed! Your flower is beautiful and I'm sure that much more beautiful to you because you have seen it through it's not-so-floral days!

Thank you so much for your comment on the Grandmother Purl blog. In spite of the challenges, I have not regretted this project for even one minute. It is fun to see it finished and I am so looking forward to pictures from Laurie. I talked to her today and she is going to get the package from Ellen on Saturday and that evening, she already had planned to spend with her grandmother and her parents, who will be in time. In the end, the timing might be serendipitous after all.

Keep an eye out for the additional blankets in the days ahead. I am 98% positive you will see your square. (there were a few that I wasn't able to use but that I am working with some knitters who know more than me to find a way to make them work into something equally fabulous!)

Thank you again for participating!