Thursday, March 15, 2007

Turtleneck jumper

My friend J is planning on knitting a turtleneck/roll neck jumper, preferably in a thicker yarn (8ply/DK or greater, probably 10ply/aran would be best), that is not too fitted and doesn't have ribbing at the bottom. She can knit but is not looking for something with lots of patterning (although she'd quite like a cable or two). A nice casual jumper to wear with jeans on the weekend.

You'd think there would be lots of patterns for something this simple. After scouring all my knitting books and magazines, I have only a few options, which surprised me a bit. Lots of turtleneck jumpers have huge, almost comic, roll necks or are knitted in superbulky yarn which isn't so good for the Australian climate.

There is this one from Erika Knight's Classic Knits. Knit in 8ply/DK with a folded, knitted on hem (J, it's not hard!!). It's not the best picture for viewing the pattern, but trust me, it's a simple roll/turtle neck jumper.

Or these two from Jo Sharp Knit vol 1. Both also in 8ply/DK. Neck is a bit more cowl like, particularly on the second one, but we could probably adjust a bit to make it a bit more turtle-like. And could lengthen the sleeves if you didn't want 3/4 length.

Can anyone suggest any more patterns?


Anonymous said...

This is a link to free patterns, all long sleeve pullovers...not all turtleneck, but take a look at "raglan cable turtleneck." Hope this helps.

Amy said...

I dunno, I really like the first one. Make sure you get a really really soft yarn as it'll be right against your neck! :-)