Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Mum's crochet bag

Mum was staying with us recently, so I finally had the opportunity to photograph her Christmas present, this crochet bag (which I finished on Boxing Day). She really liked mine and asked for one for herself, with a few size modifications.

(I love red and purple together! Strangely, both of these colours are quite true - amazing considering my extremely limited photography skills!)

She wanted it a little wider but the same length from top to bottom. I thought I'd have enough of the cotton but realised pretty quickly once I started that I wouldn't. Thanks to Kris at Tapestry Craft (as well as a very kind offer from a very busy Donni) I found enough yarn to finish, using the scraps I had left another from another project as well - whew!

The photo below shows the difference in size - the length difference is due to mine stretching (I still haven't lined it). For all the technical details, see this post.


Stephanie said...

Love, love, love the purple bag!!!

I agree --- purple and red are great together!!

Queen Frogger said...

Those bags look great, I like the handles, and they look nice and roomy!

Laura said...

Great Bags! Makes me want to take up the hook again. I just may! I have a stash of cotton that needs to be tamed down. Hmmmmm. Your knit from the stash post completely convicted me. I am so not on the wagon. Oops!

Donyale said...

A small tip - I have made over 100 Moggy and Me Handbags (knitted then lined) and it works best when you make the lining to make the lining smaller than the bag....won't stretch the bag further...but you probably already knew that!

fi.mac said...

Wicked J

Can I put in a birthday request for a bag like your Mum's. Beautiful colour. Unlike scarf for England plenty of notice this time!