Tuesday, March 20, 2007

More frogging fun

After my experience with the potato sack, I've developed a bit more of a taste for this frogging business.

This (5.5 balls) is the result of my decision to rid myself of a 2.5 year WIP, started not long after I started knitting again, and while my dad was in hospital after his stroke. A 150 stitch 3x2 rib shrug, with long sleeves. Urk. A very bad idea. I got up to about my shoulder done, and I couldn't face continuing on across the back and down the other arm.

I've decided to use the yarn (I have about 15 balls) to make cable squares from Vogue Stitchionary vol 2: Cables and sew them together to make a rug. Not sure how big it will end up but it's fun doing the different cables. I started with a nice easy one and then gave myself a little challenge with the second one, including a p5 tog which I cheated on by slipping 2, p3 tog and p2sso. Thank goodness the frogged yarn washes up well, it's a bit lumpy when knitted up (pre-blocking). If I aim to do a block a week, should only take me about another 2.5 years to finish this!!

edited to add: the p5tog is at the top of the diamond shape in the second square above - at the bottom of the diamond, you had to increase 4 st (by m1, kfbf, m1), so the p5tog at the top pulls it in. But it is very hard to p5tog on 4.5mm sticks with 8ply yarn. I just could not get the tip of the needle through the 4th and 5th purls!!


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Anonymous said...

Those cables look great. But p5tog, OMGoodness, I think you would HAVE to "cheat"!

Queen Frogger said...

That throw will be so snuggly when you finish it, that is a great idea. I love the colour too! Thank you for the comment and yarn buying offer on my blog, I may take you up on it some time! x

Redheadskydiver said...

The cables are so pretty. Have fun! In some recent lace I did that had a p5tog in it I ended up doing a slip3, k2tog, then pass the slipped stiches over. It worked out great in the lace and ended up being a lot easier! Don't know how it would work in this case but may be worth a shot. A pic of the lace is on my blog.