Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Thanks to the lovely ladies behind Good Yarn Karma, and the generous donor Melanie, I now have me some of this:
I have to say, I never imagined, before I became a full-on knitter again and discovered blogland, that I'd be knitting some of the things I'm knitting now. Socks, hats on circular sticks, lace shawls (well, once I get my knitpicks options) and dishcloths.
Yes, dishcloths! My first Mason-Dixon ballband dishcloth! Thanks Melanie! Thanks Good Yarn Karma! Thanks to all bloggers who share their creations and their inspiration with all of us!


teabird17 said...

The ballband looks lovely- I'm glad you'll enjoy the yarn. Good Yarn Karma is - good karma!

Queen Frogger said...

Oh, I really like the effect you are getting with those yarns! Off to look at my M-D book!!