Thursday, March 22, 2007

Mason-Dixoning along

After receiving my Good Yarn Karma Sugar'n'Cream last week, I've been merrily Mason-Dixoning along with the cotton goods. I now have two ballband dishcloths and one baby bib o'love (not sure for whom, I guess it will go in the gift cupboard).
I find the cotton a little harder on my hands than wool, but these are quick and satisfying knits. I like the idea of making simple household things that give you pleasure to use and remind you of the craft you love (sorry about the flash photos).
Patterns: Ballband Dishcloth and Baby Bib o'Love from Mason-Dixon Knitting
Yarn: Lily Sugar'n'Cream - 1 ball violet veil ombre (one ball of this variegated cotton does two dishcloths, with, in my case, about 30 cm/12" to spare!); about 20-25 g each of hot purple and light blue, and for the bib, about 40g of grape and a small amount of red.
Sticks: 4.5mm metal straights. Probably a bit slippy for cotton but it worked out ok.
Time: Well, these are all quick little suckers! Two or three nights, less if you are a quicker knitter than me.
What I learnt: This is the first time I've used slipped stitches with two colours of yarn - it's pretty neat! You get the hang of the dishcloth pattern really quickly so even I could stop referring to the pattern, which is pretty rare for me.


Bells said...

oh good work. I'm itching to get to some of those items since I got MDK from Good Yarn Karma last weekend. I just don't have any reasonable or decent cotton for the job.

Michelle said...

Your bib and dishcloths look great!

I adore the dishcloths I've made from the Mason Dixon book. I've used them for months, and they're holding up brilliantly- even when confronted with the burned, charred remains of my cooking.

Stephanie said...

Love the purple and red --- my favorite combo!

Nicely done!!