Monday, March 26, 2007


This post from Knit and Tonic, about bloggers and commenters, really struck a chord with me. From what I can gather, it's been a hot topic in blogland, although apart from K&T, I haven't seen anything else about it. While I haven't had personal experience of rudeness in any comments (I don't count the weird email from a foot fetishest after this post), I have read some comments on other blogs which made me squirm - in particular, on the Knit a Square for Grandma Purl blog.

For the background - a blogger took it upon herself to organise a charity knit project for Crazy Aunt Purl's grandma, who was a little ill - send in a knitted/crocheted square, she and a few friends will sew them all together, and give to Grandma Purl. Well, for various personal reasons (illnesses and other quite serious events) there was a delay in getting the squares sewn into blankets. The blogger was apologetic in her update posts about this. I can understand people feeling a sense of frustration or perhaps disappointment that the original deadline for blanket delivery had passed, but it made me wonder about the state of the world and of people in it when quite rude comments were left on the blog.

I'm all for criticism and different views - we don't all think the same and that is something that can enrich our lives and our world - but there are ways of expressing criticism and/or different views that don't involve putting down the person you disagree with - particularly in a forum where it is somewhat hard to properly discuss the differences in your views or your criticism.

Maybe I'm just old-fashioned, expecting that the usual "rules" or norms of politeness, or more importantly, respect, should apply to new methods of communication such as blogs - perhaps a new set of norms will develop over time. I hope that respect for others, including their differences, will still be in there somewhere.

Ok, end of rant. Now to some goodies I received last week (representing some of the things I love about blogland):
Birthday brooch from BrownPants (given away to celebrate her birthday! how kind!):
Love the well-finished back and gift tag decorated with strips of fabric (great idea!)
Stitchmarkers from Donni's etsy shop Yarn Cakes - ohhh red. Now I can start some lace!!


Nora said...

Jane, I think the K&T post refers to this: and this

Nora said...

Ooooops. 2007/03/best_laid_plans.php

and andsheknitstoo/2007/03/well.html

remove the spaces

Anonymous said...

What a pretty package!

And unfortunately, I think some people love the anonymity of the 'net, which just makes them MORE rude because they don't have to be face-fo-face (big cowards).

Amy said...

Looking at that post, I think you have lovely feet! :-D

BrownPants said...

You got an email from a foot fetishist? Ahahahahahahahaha, hahahahahahaha, hahahahaha.
(Glad you like the brooch ;)

Bells said...

I was reading all about that too last week and thinking that she really wasn't, IMO, causing trouble. She was just reflecting. and look what happens!

I got a BrownPants brooch too! Lovely! I've gotta post a pic. She's so clever.

knitabulous said...

Nora's right, the Knit and Tonic thing is about the 'why blog if you don't get comments' issue. To me, that comment is old fashioned bullying where the people with more blog power humiliate those with less blog power. Whatever blog power is.

There are plenty of other examples, like the one you mention.

I believe in manners, but I also believe in differences of opinion. You can disagree with someone but still respect their opinion - I'm all for that.

I've had trolls on my blog (it's a right of passage I guess) and I find them quite amusing. But that's because I love a good stoush and am thick skinned.

As for people criticising the charity knitting project progress - well imho anyone who participated in that particular project just wanted a peice of crazy's blog fame. No charity involved if you're really doing it for yourself is there?

At the end of the day, the blog community is unregulated, and some people have a higher standard of courtesy than others. It's not good, but it's a fact.

The only way I find to deal with it, is like you Red, just stick with your own standard even if it is higher than some. Your comments are always welcome, always positive, always interesting - you 're an impeccable blogger!

(oh, and I hope you never get a troll commenter)