Monday, September 18, 2006

Sumer is icumen in, lhude sing cuccu *

Nothing says summer to me more than painted red toenails

I know I shouldn't be singing summer's praises too soon (look what happened with the weather last week) but I figure that it doesn't really matter what I say, if it is going to rain it is, or if it is going to be sunny, it will be. While we can all make differences to the world in some way through the way we live, what we say and what we do, I think in the grand scheme of things, it is pretty much pre-ordained as to how things are going to turn out.

On a completely different subject (getting a bit too serious there) can I say how much I love Helen Mirren. And how, if her portrayal of Elizabeth I is to be believed, Elizabeth did a lot to progress the cause of women, and did a lot to hold it back too. Such decisive action but yet with such emotional highs and lows. Although, thinking about it, any monarch with such absolute power was probably no different - all were subject to whims and suspicions. And I liked the Shakespeare quote thrown in towards the end. Nice.

Getting serious again. Red toenails to absolute power. Hmph. Must be Monday.

*Summer is a'coming in, loudly sing cuckoo - translation of ye olde englishe folke songe learnt in primary school...a mind for trivia!

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