Tuesday, September 26, 2006

I know knitting is magic but...

Grey's Anatomy took it a bit far last night - Izzie knitted a sweater (apparently man-sized!) in ONE day - oh, and that day was less the 3 hours she wore it, oh, and yeah, she's a DOCTOR in a HOSPITAL and was apparently WORKING. Yeah.
Now returning to the land of reality from the wonders of television. And I wonder why my brain is shrinking...Heh.


littlejennywren said...

If only men's jumpers were that quick to knit. With one man and two big teenagers in the house they are lucky if they get one new jumper in three years let alone 3 hours.

fi.mac said...

Dear Wicked J

Not being a knitter even I was sceptical about Izzie's knitting prowess. Maybe she used really big needles (and wore the jumper under her scrubs). I just luuurve Grey's anatomy. McDreamy is so pretty. That Denny is not bad either. By the by - please ask slacko husby to send out his wishlist. I'm not buying him sandpaper again!