Friday, September 29, 2006

T's London scarf

My work colleague T is making the great Australian expedition to London, for (at least) a year. Today is her last day :-(
At her farewell dinner, T described me as her "mum, in a good way" - and like all good mums, I have ensured that she has her winter woollies - nice warm beanie and now a nice warm scarf.

Details: T's London scarf
Wool: 2 balls Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Superchunky, in black. My first time knitting with the DB cashmerino range - it is a gorgeous gorgeous yarn. Not cheap but worth it both for knitting and wearing pleasure!
Sticks: 9mm bamboo. Recommended stick size for the superchunky is 7.5mm but I usually knit a bit tight, and I wanted the scarf to be a reasonable length and to not take very long, so I went for the 9mm and I think that was the perfect size
Pattern: Made it up. Very simple 2x2 rib. Cast on 18 stitches and knit 'til there was no more wool. One ball made about 80cm, so the finished scarf was 160cm, which I think is a good length - you can wrap it round or do the loop and it still works. I didn't block it as I loved the way it turned out, just the right width and so so so soft!
Time: Started Wed 20 Sept, finished Tue 26 Sept (with, of course, other knitting in between).


Carson said...

Nothing wrong with simple and black, nice!

Kate said...

What a cute classic - but especially warm and practical for sunny England! : P

You did a tremendous job knitting it so quickly - how do you find the bamboo needles for knitting thicker wool? Sometimes I feel that the heavier yarns are going to snap my bamboo circs, but I haven't had any troubel with my small projects.

Rose Red said...

Kate - I haven't had any problems with the bamboo sticks for thicker wool, but partly because the sticks are big too (the ones for the scarf were 9mm) and the projects were small - a jumper might be a different story!