Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Silk wrap cardi

Here's an old FO which I have only just managed to actually finish - ie to sew on the ribbon. This was one of my first knitting revival projects, sewn up by my mum (have I mentioned how I hate to sew up) and then finished off, finally, on the weekend.
Pattern: garter stitch wrap cardi from Erika Knight, Simple Knits for Cherished Babies. No variations. Great pattern as is knit in one piece, so only have to sew arm and side seams (even that is sometimes too much for me - just ask my mum!!).
Yarn: Jaeger silk 4ply - completely impractical for a baby but I fell in love with the romantic way Erika describes it in the book (and I do love the softness and feel of it)
Sticks: 3.25mm faux tortoiseshell (inherited from my mum)
Time: Pretty quick, from recollection (as it should be, given it is garter stitch!!). A couple of weeks (in 2004...)


FFC said...

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g-girl said...

I made this same cardi last summer! :) Mine was in a soft yellow and in a different kind of yarn.