Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Dabby's cloth

As promised last week, here is the cloth crocheted for me by my grandmother (Dabby).

It is the same pattern all over (repeat of the two squares you can see the detail of in this picture), plus a zig-zaggy edging (I suspect there is a proper name for this but words fail me right now). It is probably about a metre square in size and is in need of a good press, I have to admit.

It is kept in the crochet cotton box, in which it was given to me - in 1977 - I still have the card in the bottom of the box.

(A semi-interesting aside, I saw boxes the same as this at an antiques fair a couple of years ago - the dealer was trying to sell them, I think for $5 or $10 a box - empty!!)

Here's a close up of the pattern. I could recreate it (lucky filet crochet is very easy to chart) although I'm not sure about the edging. The crochet changes direction, so I think it might be added on afterwards, quite possibly bit by bit - all those maddening ends to darn in! One day I will investigate it a bit more closely. I know my aunts (Dabby's daughters) would no doubt be happy if I could write out the pattern. But it would take sooooo long to make!

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Kate said...

What a lovely pattern - and the edging is so beautiful. Maybe if you chart the pattern, you wil not have to make it, and someone else might make it for you. : )

It is surprising what antique dealers will sell, and the prices they will fetch.