Monday, September 11, 2006

What I learnt on the weekend

My first cable - isn't he cute!

I know the photo is a bit blurry ... need to get a camera I can do a manual focus on I think. Or, just live with it (I think it will be the second option). I had fears there would be a hole or some other disaster where the stitches cross over but it all worked out like magic. Knitting is magic I think. Looks so hard and sounds so complicated (sometimes anyway) but if you just do what it says, it works - hey presto - a cable! (or a pattern, or a decrease, or whatever). I love it!

But this isn't actually what I learnt on the weekend.

What I learnt on the weekend was not to wind my wool on a ball winder after I've started knitting with it (and still have the knitting attached). What happens is that the wool that is still attached to the knitting gets really really twisted ... so much so that you can't untangle it, or knit with it. Lucky you can cut it off and rejoin after the twisty bit (phew!). I know I probably should have thought of this potential issue before I started winding but as is my usual way I just figured it would work out. So Knitting is magic, but sometimes there is still an idiot on the end of the sticks!

Notwithstanding this, I managed to finish one pattern repeat of husby's scarf - and look, now there are three (count'em, three!) cables done. Only 9 more repeats to go ... think I need to buy me some more wool - 3 balls probably won't quite make it.



Is that Interlocking Balloons from Scarf Style? WOW! I love that scarf but was put off by the chart (and cables). Did you say this is your FIRST cable??

Carson said...

I told you cables were easy peasy!
Its amazing that something so complicated and intimidating-looking can be so...well...straightforward really.
That looks like it's going really well

Rose Red said...

Hi BDK - yes, it is that pattern - and yes, my first cable (how exciting that it worked!). I was a bit scared by the chart too, as I've never used a chart for knitting before (only crochet - they are more straightforward) but once you get started, it is all good.
Thanks Carson - yes, you were right!