Thursday, September 14, 2006

Looks as good from the back...

as it does from the front:

It is husby's Interlocking Balloons scarf, viewed from the back - me likey!!! Not quite as good as the front view but still pleasing that it is attractive - a very clever pattern I think.

You can see the pattern chart at the back of the pic, I have this flat metal "plate" with magnets - very handy for charts or patterns generally, as it keeps them flat, I can write easily on them and in the case of charts, the long magnet marks the row I'm working on, so I can easily see where I'm at. I'm glad I've used charts before for crochet patterns - they are much more straightforward than knitting charts I think, but I got the hang of this one quicker than I thought I would. Lace charts still scare me but I've bought wool for Ene (also from Scarf Style) so I have to give it a go. Might be a summer knit project for me I think.

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