Wednesday, September 13, 2006

I LOVE the internet

Every day I marvel at the wonder that is the internet. Not so much from a technical perspective (thinking about how it actually works gives me a headache) but because of the way it enables people to link to each other - I am constantly amazed by the number of knitblogs out there - I keep following links and finding new ones that inspire me - my list of favourites is getting out of control!

And of course the other thing about the internet - a whole new world of shopping opportunities! Have I mentioned how I LOVE the internet!!

I received a great present from Mr/Ms Posty on Monday at work - my first Regia and Trekking sock yarn ordered on eBay - how exciting and how difficult to chose which to make for me or husby and which to make as gifts - I want to keep them all - and I want to gift them all as well. I should have ordered more... I'm so pleased with the colours, the Trekking looked bluer on the net but is really shades of purple, which is even better!

Then when I got home, another surprise - I subscribed to Interweave Knits and they had a special where you get 5 editions for the price of 4. So I've received my first edition (the Fall edition) a couple of weeks ago and my freebie arrived on Monday (the Summer edition). Hurrah! More inspiration and projects for the unending list. I think if I locked myself away for a year and did nothing but knit (and NOT look at the internet, knitting magazines and books) I might only just get through the stash and would still have projects on the list.

(Who am I trying to kid, I could never go without the internet, knitting magazines and books for a year!)


Michelle said...

seriously, i can live without a tv but not the internet!! hahahaha ^_^

littlejennywren said...

I love the Interweave knits magazine. I don't subscribe i just haunt the newsagents when I think the magazine is due.