Monday, September 04, 2006

Ribbons and Braid

I went to Aviamentos closing sale on Saturday. Here are some of my goodies:

It was supposed to be a (somewhat) arty shot of the very pretty ribbons/braid but of course with my (somewhat) non-exist photography skills, all we end up with is a nice focus shot of the bricks of my house, and a blur of ribbons in front. Oh well, you (kind of) get the picture (no pun intended).

But this one worked - it is my favourite. No idea what I will use it for and it is a bit 70s, but I couldn't not have it.

Of course, I forgot to buy what I actually went there for, the ribbon for my lace bonnet. Oh well, will just have to go back!!

It is sitting on the pavers for our back path - which husby and I moved from the pallet out the front into the back yard yesterday - my back is now killing me. But the beer on the new back lawn (rolled out last weekend) afterwards was sweeeeet.


Carson said...

It's a bit 70s yes, but in a good way not in a trashy over-done way.
aviamentos? oo um..where/who/what/when is that? think i should know about it.

KO said...

I am seeing it worn as a belt type accessory on one of your (many) black dresses...

Rose Red said...

Hmmm, belt type accessory - good idea! I almost tried on another black dress today. Will have to go back tomorrow...Hmmm! Excellent idea KO!!