Thursday, September 07, 2006

Why I blog

As I discover other bloggers, especially knitbloggers, and admire the way write, and how they make connections between things I would never think of connecting, I think about why I blog. I don't think I'm particularly imaginative in the way I write - I tend to pick up other people's ideas or topics of posts, think how good or clever they are, and wish I'd thought of them myself. Sometimes I use their ideas as inspiration. But mainly I just wish I'd thought of them myself... And then I post a progress update or finished object picture and details!

I'd like more for my blog but I think my desires are beyond my capabilities. So I guess this will mainly be a progress and FOs blog, maybe it will evolve into something else as I go along. Obviously a part of me thinks (and hopes) others will be interested in looking, or there would be little point in doing it beyond a permanent record for myself.

Anyway, enough of this self-indulgence. I will admire and enjoy other blogs which provide me with the things that mine cannot, and will enjoy mine for the record of my growing obsession and continue to be very excited every time I get a comment from a reader (because I am, I know I am a total nerd!).


catsmum said...

I LIKE your blog... I like seeing what you're up too ... but I know what you mean. The lyrical / deep / funny thoughts coursing through my brain somehow don't make it onto the screen either. Bugger.

Rose Red said...

Thanks catsmum - you've made my day!