Monday, September 04, 2006

Nancy Bush socks

In my web-roving at work today (have I mentioned I am the best procrastinator in the world?) I discovered there is a Nancy Bush sock knitalong. I think the theory is that you knit a different pair of her socks every month. While I love this theory, I am glad I haven't subscribed, as I would be an abject failure...witness the progress on the Gentleman's Fancy Sock:

Actually, I'm pretty pleased with the progress - I started the gusset on Saturday morning (woke up at 7am and actually got up (!!) and did some quiet knitting on the deck while watching the US Open on Foxtel) but I believe I started this pair of socks in June!!! At least this is the second sock. In hindsight, given the mohair element in the Schaefer Anne, it would have been quicker to use metal sticks rather than bamboo but I do have this (idiotic) romantic attachment to bamboo. And if I'm really lucky, this unseasonably warm weather in Sydney will go away as soon as I finish them so I can actually wear them this year!! (although the thought of them wearing through is almost enough to make me cry...).

I do love this pattern though. And the colour (are you surprised at that!!)


Carson said...

love the colour!
and the title
and the intriguing stitch pattern.
what yarn is it?

Rose Red said...

Hi Carson - it is Schaefer Anne, col 16A (they are hand-dyed, so I think it is a bit luck of the draw. 1 x 100g skein does a pr of socks. I bought it via eBay (emtnstr or something like that is the seller). The pattern is really easy - 2x2 rib for 8 rows, then 2 rows stocking stitch, then reverse the 2x2 rib (ie purl where it was previously plain and vice versa) (I'm thinking of doing a beanie in this pattern). The book is called Vintage Socks (by Nancy Bush) - I've seen it in Dymocks (city store) and Borders (although I try not to shop in Borders on principle...but when it comes to kntting books I have made an exception!).