Friday, March 16, 2007

Rose Red: Domestic Goddess - Madeira Cake

So, here's the deal: I've resolved to make at least one new item (ie never before made by me from this recipe) from How to Be a Domestic Goddess, at least once a week. I haven't counted, but there's probably about 200 recipes in the book. Some I won't make, most I will. That's it.

March 9, 2007 - Madeira Cake, pp 2-3
I've been itching to try this recipe for a while. Slightly put off by the ingredients including almost a whole "stick" of butter (does anyone remember the cartoon on Sesame Street where a little girl was sent to the shop to buy a loaf of bread, a pint of milk, and a stick of butter? Can't remember the point of that cartoon...perhaps it was about remembering things...)

My trusty red KitchenAid creaming the butter and sugar.
The mixture was really thick, I don't think I've ever made a cake that was so "solid" before it was cooked. Ready to bake - hope it turns out like the picture behind! I was surprised that you sprinkled caster sugar on top before baking.
Mmmmm, smell that warm cake. All that butter makes it slip right out of the (well-buttered and floured and lined, after last week's stickiness) tin with no troubles at all! And the lovely caster sugar crust. Mmmm just the right amount of sweetness to contrast with the lemony buttery flavour. And it looks just like the picture!
Just perfect with a cup of coffee (trust me, there was coffee in that cup - I just couldn't wait any longer for my afternoon coffee so started before the cake was quite cool enough.)
Nigella's suggested variations include lemon poppyseed, seed cake and strawberry madeira. Mmmm.


Donyale said...

I bought that book after reading your blog - now I need to go and make that cake.




You know why.

Bells said...

Oh wow! I had that idea when I first got the book last year. I'd just read Julie and Julia and thought, yeah, I could do that with Nigella - blog cooking all the recipes.

I could possibly save you the horror of cooking the marmalade cake. I blogged about that, it was the worst cake I've ever tasted. but maybe you could make it and see if it turns out ok for you?

And I love the madeira cake. Love it to bits.

And yes, every time I hear the phrase stick of butter, I think of that cartoon. I think the point was about remembering things. I don't think the Americans reading this will understand why that phrase stands out for us!

Bells said...

here's the link to my photo of the horrid marmalade cake!

Anonymous said...

Mmmmmm, that looks delicious!

Leah said...

I love the Domestic Goddess book - this week I've made fairy cakes, and spicy apple chutney. Both were easy and delicious :)