Friday, March 23, 2007

Potato sack, v.2

After a couple of days R&R after the first frogging, I got back on the horse and cast on for version 2 of my v-neck singlet. First time took me 11 days to knit, second time around 18 days - I had my Mason-Dixon spree towards the end plus a couple of my cable squares.

Looked pretty good this time when I first tried it on - it does have great waist shaping and the v-neck starts in just the right place. Then I washed it. Hmmmm. Bit sack-y again. (But thank goodness I frogged the first one, as it would have been even huger once washed). I'm wondering whether to try putting it in the dryer for a little while...might knit a square with the leftovers and see how that goes! But I will wear it nonetheless. Looks alright as a vest but I can also wear it as a singlet top.

(do I look like the model on the cover??!! heh!)

Pattern: V-neck singlet from Jo Sharp Knit vol 2 - size C even though it should in theory be too small for me. The pattern is knit flat in two pieces with i-cord shoulder ties. I converted it to knit in the round (yay, no purling, much) and knit wider straps as the i-cord ties just don't work with bra-straps. I kitchenered the straps to the back.
Yarn: Jo Sharp Desert Garden Aran (the recommended yarn) - a cotton/microfibre blend, colour 239 (Garnet) lot 17. Originally used 10 balls, second time around I think about 8.5 (hard to tell as had a few small balls left from the frogging, some due to knots in the yarn - which I HATE WITH A PASSION!). But the yarn frogs nicely, doesn't kink too much and knits up well. the microfibre makes it much softer to knit with than 100% cotton.
Sticks: 5.5mm (upsized from recommended 5mm, as usual) 80cm Addi Turbos
Time: 2-19 March 2007
What I learnt: Not to always trust swatching! (I know, heresy!!). And I think Jo Sharp patterns are sized a little big - this is my second Jo Sharp pattern and both have been on the larger side of large. But my biggest lesson - it is ok to frog something and put in the extra effort to re-knit if you want to make something that you will actually wear!


Donyale said...

Me likey! Maybe it will quell the "I must knit a vest" thingy in me if I knit one just like that too!

BrownPants said...

Great Job! Shame about the sizing issues (can I ask the dreaded question...did you check for gauge?)

Bells said...

My one and only Jo Sharp was the same. Very sacky. I felted it.

That looks lovely!!

jacqui said...

Looks lovely - great colour. I've had soooo many problems with Jo Sharp sizing, I really sympathize!

Anonymous said...

Oh, much better! And I agree, extra effort is all worth it if you're actually going to wear it!

Queen Frogger said...

It looks lovely on you. the colour is great. I might re-think my vest size now ... I was thinking of frogging it anyway!!

Carson said...

Thanks for the heads-up on the Jo Sharp sizing issues.
I keep hearing this.
You'd think they'd get their act together over there in Fremantle wouldn't you? ;)

Good on you for frogging the whole thing and starting again. I agree it's the only way to end up with something you'll actually wear.
The only thing I've knitted that I actually wear I re-did about 4 times!

Oh and about the socks being too big? I so don't have skinny legs! I got me the chunky calves and the paddle feet, really, so you can relax! ;) I just think my problem is I'm a really loose knitter.