Friday, May 18, 2007

More than you ever wanted to know...

It's my 200th post! Weeeeeeeeeee! To celebrate, here's my 100 things, pinched off Donni. You might like to grab a coffee or perhaps a little alcoholic beverage to take the edge off whilst reading!

1. I dislike fresh tomatoes (which is somewhat ironic given they are red)
2. I do, however, love tomato flavoured pasta, pizza, tomato paste, tomato relish etc
3. I have the Sydney Morning Herald delivered every day of the week
4. I rarely actually read the paper apart from the front and back page.
5. But I always do the SMH sudoku puzzle, even the Saturday samurai sudoku
6. It usually only takes me 10 minutes to fill out my tax return.
7. But I never send it in on time
8. For the last financial year, I only submitted it at the end of April this year.
9. Fortunately I got a small refund
10. I still have last year's refund cheque (also small) sitting on my desk. I think it might be out of date now.
11. I procrastinate over everything. Even 10 minute tasks. Even where there is a legal obligation involved.
12. Fortunately, this habit has not gotten me in serious trouble … yet.
13. I'm pretty snobby when it comes to books (and yarn. And shoes).
14. I dislike chick lit but I will occasionally read it.
15. The book I've most recommended to others or bought as a gift is Captain Corelli's Mandolin (go on buy it, you'll love it, especially after the first 100 pages!)
16. The 2 hours I spent watching the movie of Captain Corelli's Mandolin are 2 hours I could have been knitting. Or even cleaning the house.
17. I hate cleaning the house
18. I like knitting. Ok, I know you know that. I think that I like knitting so much because it is a form of procrastination that is actually productive, so I don't feel guilty doing it, instead of, say, cleaning the house.
19. I like the idea of a garden but I don't really like gardening.
20. Especially weeding.
21. I don't mind pruning but I don't really know what I'm doing. I just hack away and hope I won't kill whatever it is I'm hacking at. Mostly, I'm lucky.
22. I have, however, killed a number of cactus and similar plants. To this day, I don't know how. I'd say from overwatering, but then again, I usually leave watering until the plants are drooping to the ground with thirst (see point 11).
23. I am excellent at packing a suitcase.
24. I am, of course, absolutely hopeless at packing light, so it's lucky I can pack well. Look, you never know what the weather's going to be like!
25. I've got a fair amount of common sense and practicality. One day I will design the perfect handbag with the right amount of open and zip pockets and key fobs etc and I will be rich, rich beyond my wildest dreams I say!
26. I plan big but generally achieve small.
27. Luckily I'm pretty happy with what I've got.
28. I have an excellent husband. He is very patient and good at housework and washing up, and mowing the lawn and ironing.
29. I don't like to iron, so I only buy clothes I don't have to iron (well, mostly).
30. I do buy clothes that, mostly, suit my body shape (curvy, everywhere).
31. While I don't necessary like what they personally wear from time to time, I have learnt a lot from Trinny and Susannah.
32. I work in an office but don't dress corporate suit-ish.
33. I don't own a suit.
34. I've worked for the same employer all of my adult working life (since just before I finished university).
35. I used to be a lawyer. I'm not any more (see point 11 – not a great skill to have as a lawyer!). Now I work in human resources.
36. I have long service leave (woo hoo!)
37. The idea of taking a month of my long service leave to sit at home and knit is extremely tempting.
38. I like watching reality TV. Well, not all of it, but you know, the good stuff.
39. I don't really want to be on reality TV.
40. If I was on reality TV, it would most likely be on the Fat Show (aka The Biggest Loser).
41. I suspect I would not, in fact, be The Biggest Loser.
42. I don't mind being curvy. I don't have body image issues. Except sometimes when I go shopping and don't fit into the clothes I like. But I get over it pretty quick. Usually while I'm eating chocolate.
43. I always read the end of a book first (well, after I've read the first couple of chapters at least).
44. I also read ahead on the internet about my favourite US TV shows.
45. Notwithstanding this, I love surprises.
46. I was pulling an all-nighter, writing an essay, when it was announced that Syd-er-ney had won the right to host the Olympics.
47. I always wrote my uni essays the night before they were due (see point 11 – anyone noticing a pattern here…)
48. I still achieved reasonably good marks. I probably would have done a whole lot better if I actually spent a bit more time drafting and redrafting rather than bashing it out in 12 hours straight with no sleep.
49. I like sleep.
50. I like sleeping in.
51. Lately, I've been waking up quite early on the weekends (which is clearly very unusual for me).
52. I quite like getting up early, having a coffee and knitting in the quiet of the morning, while husby is still sleeping.
53. I also find this a good time to watch my Buffy's.
54. I've watched my Buffy's (seasons 1 -7) several times each. I'm about to start again (I recently found a Buffy KAL!)
55. We have Foxtel. Since we got Foxtel, we have not hired a DVD. We have, however, watched almost every episode of Will and Grace at least once, as well as almost every episode of M*A*S*H. Time well spent?
56. I've been married for 7 years.
57. Before we got married, we'd been together for 7 years.
58. I wore red shoes (well, sandals actually) to my wedding.
59. I wanted to wear a red dress but husby said he wouldn't marry me if I walked up the aisle in a red dress. He's quite the traditionalist about some things.
60. It's probably lucky, because I think I would have looked a bit like a strawberry.
61. I don't like strawberries very much (again with the irony).
62. I will eat them though with pavlova, or chocolate cake.
63. I make an excellent pavlova.
64. I also make an excellent roast dinner. So does my mum. And so did my dad.
65. I miss my dad.
66. A lot.
67. Sometimes I can feel myself starting to cry about my dad at most inopportune times.
68. I cry more now than I used to in general. I always cry if I watch the Anzac Day march on TV.
69. I don't usually watch it because I get too sad.
70. I remember watching the movie Gallipoli for the first time with a friend who'd seen it already. She started crying before the really bad, sad, bit at the end. Of course, I cried too.
71. I also cry when watching RPA. I don't watch it much anymore either.
72. Sitting in the hospital with my dad was what really got me back into knitting.
73. I think hospitals should have yarn and sticks and how to knit books in the emergency department. It's good therapy.
74. I know you all know that.
75. I always wish I was funnier. Or even funny, that'd be good.
76. I feel my list of 100 things meme is not as funny as others I've read. Oh well. Better to admire the talents of others than feel jealous.
77. I find it annoying of myself when I use those kinds of platitudes.
78. I can't help doing it though.
79. I asked for a Macquarie Dictionary for Christmas one year, when I was still at High School.
80. I just used it to look up "platitude" to make sure I was using it correctly.
81. I am a bit paranoid about using "fancy" words incorrectly. Perhaps I didn't use the right word in #77.
82. One of my best friends at school and I both did the same subjects for the HSC.
83. We both ended up with the same mark (back in the dark ages when the HSC was still marked out of 500). We didn't get the same marks in our subjects though.
84. We were Dux of our High School. It was a small school.
85. I used to get teased, a little, about being "smart" (it's all relative!!) and reading the dictionary.
86. I don't care and I didn't back then either.
87. Sometimes I can be self-righteous, and too quick to judge.
88. I am details oriented and don't always see the "big picture"
89. I believe pretty strongly in fate (in the grand scheme of things) and karma, but I also believe that you can change things if you try.
90. I crack my knuckles all the time. I hope this does not give me arthritis. I would hate to have arthritis if it meant I couldn't knit.
91. I used to be able to poke my shoulder blades out at a ridiculous angle. The somewhat thicker layer of fat covering them now means it is far less spectacular.
92. I used to have an outie. Now it's an innie. I miss my outie. (and no, I don't know how that happened!)
93. I had the hugest crush on a boy who I went to school with, all through high school. Then I ended up sort of seeing his older brother. I'm still just a little in love with him (the one in my class, not his older brother).
94. I learnt how to fold a fitted sheet from Home Beautiful magazine. I am immensely proud of this every time I fold one.
95. Of course, I mostly wash the sheets and put them back on the bed the same day (once they've dried, clearly) to avoid the whole folding thing in the first place.
96. I'd like my house to be as clean and tidy as my mother-in-law's all the time. Of course, I am too lazy (and addicted to knitting) for this to ever be the case.
97. I'm really struggling to get to 100, so I've referred to a couple of others for inspiration.
98. I tend to do that a lot. I rarely have an original thought, but am quite good at running with ideas and coming up with variations once I've got a suggestion or a seed of an idea.
99. I like to laugh. A lot.
100. I consider myself a feminist. Even though, these days, it seems like feminism is the new "F" word. I'm not sure why this is so.

Now for the second part of this celebration - if you made it this far, you clearly deserve a prize. All commenters will go into a draw for a little something something which may or may not (ok, it clearly will) be knitting related. Quite possibly sock yarn. A most delicious sock yarn.


librarylass said...

You know, the fact that you came up with 100 is truly awesome. I suffered when I had to come up with 7. So yay to you! Major kudos on the 100th post!!!

Belinda said...

for someone who blogs under an alias. You sure have reveal a lot about yourself!

Congrats on reaching your 200th post and here's to 200 more!!

claudine said...

Happy 200th post! I like your 100 things, and I can see many similarities with myself, especially that bit about procrastinating, I'm very good at that :)

Donna said...

I need you to teach me how to fold fitted sheets!

Bells said...

I didn't know that your dad had died. I started reading your blog after that anniversary. I'm so sorry. Hugs.

On a lighter note, I don't like fresh tomato but eat cooked tomato (sauces etc) happily.

and you are very funny. I giggled a lot in that post!!!

Sarah said...

Happy 200th post, I have been lurking for awhile and have to say - the fact you can fold a fitted sheet makes me in total awe of you!

Queen Frogger said...

I never knew there was a way to fold fitted sheets!! Loved your 100 things!

amy said...

Oh, we have lots of similarities! I've been married 7 1/2 years and we knew each other 7 years beforehand, too (4 as friends, 3 as dating). I wore white sandals to my wedding, but I painted my toenails blue. If we ever got to meet in person, I'm absolutely sure we'd get along, and I wouldn't serve fresh tomatoes, as I can only tolerate them if they've just been picked in August, but I make a wonderful tomato sauce. (So I knew from #1 we'd get along...)

Diana said...

Wow! A very interesting person! I am off to look for the book, Corelli's Mandolin and see the movie, Gallipoli! Procrastination I don't think can be cured this late in life. Better to be knitting and cooking tha trying to legally protect someone at least 'on time'! No tomatoes? Oh no!!! ;)

Jenny said...

I made it to 100. Happy 200th post.Procrastination is very big in this house but because my husband has honours in procrastination I look like the decisive one. It's all relative.

catsmum said...

I'm with you on the procrastination and the tomatoes ... quite a bit of it really.
Happy 200 sweetness.
btw did you ever find the red irish dance shoes? I now have a red pair and a black pair.

Lynne said...

I'm with you. Why fold sheets when you can put them straight back on the bed? Or towels when they can go straight back in the bathroom!

Congratulations on your 200th post. I enjoy reading your blog and drop by at least five times a week!

Anonymous said...

Don't put me in the drawing...I just wanted to say "hi" and thanks so much for commenting on my article at Hubs. #42 was hilarious!

Anonymous said...

Love your blog, found your 100 great reading, I think we could be related, many similarities there.

cheers Lenny

Georgie said...

Congrats on the 200th post! Im a fanatical procrastinaor too; the more I know I'm doing it, the worse it gets!

Loved your 100 things; like Bells I got a good giggle. Thanks for sharing!

donnalee said...

I read your regular blog as well as mouthfuls of heaven (I am a nigella admirer too). I happen to think you are funny and I almost always get a good smile from your posts. Anything that makes me smile or laugh is a good thing. I don't think I could come up with 100 things about myself, what a task. Happy 200th!

Anonymous said...

Happy 200th! I've loved following you, and I'm looking forward to reading more of you in the future. Keep up the good work! :)

Nora said...

Happy 200th Jane! I think you're VERY funny. x

Donyale said...

Nah - you suck! Ha! See wasn't that funny? Non? I was in fact joking because I still have a little smile curling up the side of my face after reading it. Glad you got there (100 is a LOT of things).....I would like to achieve 15 and 42, my all time most poignant (almost looked that up) movie is Gallipoli, remember reading same said article for 92 - but still can't do it...

Bells said...

19 comments! Wow. Well here's #20. :-)

Laura said...

I too am an incorrigible procrastinator. Also a night owl/late sleeper, avoid housework whenever possible and many other similarities. No wonder I like your blog so much! But the most interesting similarity is that I too had one of those long unrequited crushes. Even after I got married and had kids. Then, one day, 20 years later, I ran into him at a bakery. I accidentally bumped into him before I recognized him. I said "excuse me" and his response was "it's all good." It was hearing his voice that made me realize who it was. Call me judgemental, but at that moment I was so glad that it didn't work out for me and a guy who would say "it's all good" if you accidentally bumped into him at a bakery. I'm no picnic myself these days, but there he was all bald, pudgy and pompous. It is very interesting to see what time does to people. The true characteristics get all shaken down. In this case, it was not pretty and in the end, I was so glad that things did n't work out for us!

Janette said...

I love chocolate too and I think you are funny.
I don't knit socks and I don't want to knit socks, so I'm lucky I didn't find your meme until the prize was drawn!

Carol said...

I've popped over here on Bells advice that your list is great too. I'm so with you on the checking on the net about fave US tv shows, particuarly Survivor, Amazing Race, etc. I actually like to find out who is going to be voted out before I see it here. :-)