Monday, November 06, 2006


How good does this look??!! Mmmmmm soooo pretty. Nature gives such inspiration about colour and texture.

The suburb I live in (which isn't really a suburb, more of an add-on to one or other of the surrounding bigger suburbs) has a little corner store, a fruit & veg store, a good pizzeria and a waxing salon (yes, random isn't it!!). We like to buy our fruit & veg from the corner - he's a little more expensive but has good quality and it is so convenient. We'd be very sad to see it close so try and do our bit. How could you not, when you see this! I feel very 1950s walking up to the store with my wicker basket! Just need a full-skirted dress, petticoats and some kitten heels and I'd be right!! (clearly, that will never happen!)


Stephanie said...

How nice to have a corner market with good quality fruits & veggies --- I love the idea of using a wicker basket for shopping!

When the weather is nice, I ride my bicycle to the local grocery --- wish I could walk!

jacqui said...

Isn't it lovely to see blueberries again? I can't get enough of them.